Smite Source: Need to Know to Improve Your Smite Game

Did you ever feel like you were lost at the time you were supposed to be a top-of-the-table god in Smite? Run out of time to keep in touch with the more advanced meta? It is actually us who must congratulate you on coming this far; for now the way is clear. 

Whether you are an expert who already knows how to master all the game strategies or a total mythology beginner, Smite Source is your second home. Thanks to this official website, you always have access to the latest and fastest builds, counters, and tutorials for every god, role guides to help you progress in each position, and detailed gameplay tips and strategies from the experts in the game.

This guide will take you around our page and try to make you see that there is tons of information that will improve your skills. Whether it is personal training or contest training, by the end of the day, you’ll be ready to guide your team to the peak of the Battleground of Gods. If so, there is only one answer: start today.

What is Smite Source? 

SmiteSource is a leading online resource dedicated to the MOBA game Smite. With the mission of helping players of all skill levels improve, the site provides a wide range of guides, builds, tutorials, and more. Whether you want the latest god strategies, tips on climbing the ranks, or engaging in discussion, SmiteSource has top-quality content for veterans and newcomers alike to enhance their gameplay and knowledge of the Battleground of the Gods.

Game Basics

SmiteSource is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game where teams of five players confront each other in the maps of the playing arena. The aim is for one team to move towards the enemy base, destroy the enemy Titan, and come back to defend your base while the other team advances towards their base to destroy the Titian. The chosen gods have various abilities, ranging from mage ones to warrior or hunter skills; gods are assigned different roles.

While matches are prolonged, players obtain gold for eliminating minions or opponents. Also, gold is used to get some abilities to gain additional levels for your god, and you can buy items that are necessary to raise the powers, defense, and qualities of your character. Coordination and communication among teammates are other necessities, and the team needs to take towers, inhibitors, and Titans. 

God Guides

0In SmiteSource there is a diverse roster of gods from various mythologies that players can select. Each god has their own unique abilities, strengths, and playstyles. 

To help players master the gods, this section provides brief guides on some of the top gods in Smite.

God: Guan Yu  

Class: Warrior

Strengths: High sustain, damage mitigation, team fight disruption

Abilities: Taolu Assault (line damage), Conviction (heal/damage reduction), Healing Ward (AoE heal), Master’s Will (charge/knock-up)

Build: Breastplate of Valor, Thebes, Genji’s Guard, Pridwen, Spirit Robe, Mantle of Discord

Playstyle: Initiate fights with Master’s Will and disrupt backlines. Stay in combat healing with abilities and items.

God: Agni  

Class: Mage  

Strengths: Burst damage, lane clear, mobility

Abilities: Noxious Fumes (AoE damage over time), Dash (escape/engage), Meteor (projectile stun/damage), Inferno (AoE damage)

Build: Shoes of the Magi, Doom Orb, Divine Ruin, Obshard, Rod of Tahuti, Soul Gem

Playstyle: Poke enemies down in lane with Noxious Fumes and Meteor. Use mobility to position well in fights and combo abilities for high bursts.

God: Nemesis   

Class: Assassin

Strengths: Single target lockdown, ability to box any god, mobility  

Abilities: Slice and Dice (dash), Shield of Courage (damage reflect), Divine Judgement (dash/stun), Retribution (attack speed/power buff)

Build: Crusher, Jotunn’s Wrath, Heartseeker, Titan’s Bane, Brawler’s Beat Stick, Relic Dagger

Playstyle: Isolate carries and jungles in fights with Shield and Judgement. Use mobility to stay alive and outplay opponents.

Item Guides

SmiteSource offers detailed guides on the different item types and when to purchase them.

Item Types

There are several types of items in Smite:

  • Starter Items: Bought at the beginning of the game, these items give early bonuses to boost your character in the first few minutes.
  • Core Items: Essential items that align with your character’s role and abilities. These optimize your build’s synergy. 
  • Situational Items: Counter specific enemy gods or team comps. You buy these situationally based on the match’s needs. 

Enhancing Gameplay

Good or prized items allow you to stretch a character’s abilities to their limits. They are ranked in a number of stats like power, protections, move speed and so on. 

Highly desirable things or things you can’t do without form the basis of your build. When arranging a capsule, think of how to make it variable so you can adjust your kit when needed. 

When to Buy Situational

Consider situational purchases if:

  • Undergoing a struggle with a very difficult protagonist. 
  • Enemies use champ advantage battle calculating damaging/health stats. Am for items like life shields, healing reductions, etc.
  • Gold allows power spikes. Buy-one-get-one offers to augment the proceeds coming from additional purchases.

SmiteSource coaching helps the gateway to the most suitable locational choice and in-game purchases at the right moment. 

Game Mode Strategies

Here are some tips for different game modes in Smite:


  • Focus on clearing minion waves and gaining the last hits for gold and experience. 
  • Pay attention to objectives like Gold Fury, Fire Giant, and Towers. These provide big advantages.
  • Have a balanced team composition with gods fulfilling roles like jungle, solo, mid, etc.
  • Ward key areas to avoid ganks and track the enemy jungler. Communication is important.


  • Team fights are constant, so pick gods with good area damage and crowd control. 
  • Protect your minion wave and tank to gain/prevent points. Don’t overextend.  
  • Watch the kill score – the team with more kills gains a temporary level advantage.
  • Healers and guardians are very useful for sustaining and controlling the crowd. 


  • Last-hitting minions and avoiding pokes are important in the laning phase.
  • Ganks from the jungle are devastating, so watch the side lanes. 
  • Objectives like the Juggernaut provide a strong buff, so focus fires it quickly.
  • Guardians and warriors excel at controlling team fights in tight spaces.

Community Resources

The SmiteSource community forum is alive and vibrant! Users can discuss any issues related to their beloved game, ask questions, and also get some useful feedback from other users. Various debatable topics, from god build guides, gameplay screenshots, esports, and gameplay tips, could be discussed.

The website features tournaments and community events to host on a regular basis, too. In the past, we’ve had Recurring practices, bi-weekly tournaments, charity streams, and events with cash prizes. Organizing such events definitely leads to the players being involved more than in other cases and motivated by the competition.

Smite Source has been very helpful in this context, too, by providing valuable community features for the players. Forums, tournaments, and social media act out the environment for the players of any level to work together, become more skilful, and enjoy their gaming making it a communal process. It actually becomes a central place when the players of Smite seek a chance to join in and be social with other players.

Build Your Own Success

Devising outstanding builds that, in turn, help to improve your overall gameplay is one of the essential elements of being a skilled player in Smite. Here are some tips for crafting builds that suit your unique playstyle:

Share and Receive Feedback

A very good route to follow in the construction of builds is to share them with the Smite community and get back into the spot good improvement. Websites such as Smite Source can facilitate you to find builds and discuss the various users’ input. This practice, either of back and forth metamorphosis, is also the source of possible new solutions from another player that you can try.

Start with the Basics

While you don’t have to blindly follow pro builds, treat them as a base point. Find out your preferred playstyle through the abilities you make use of most. Think about the skill areas that should be built on your strengths and find the methods of correcting the weaknesses. 

Adapt to Matchups

Sometimes, a series of or even different builds must be employed for specific matches to outplay the opposing members. Depending on the case, there appear gods who can be called for help to defend against physical or magical enemies. Such items can variably shift the balance of power when the game approach is slightly altered. Being swift in response to ever-changing situations will bring you greater accomplishment.

Refine Through Experience

Experiences by themselves mean nothing. In order to shuttle the bulk of your attackers forward in the early phase of the match and block the space they leave behind until half-time, spend some time trying your luck with different item slots and timing among live matches. 

Seek Diverse Perspectives

Collect information from more than one authoritative source to have a more comprehensive understanding. Watch the video below and agree or disagree with the given statement. Different members may point and name issues you never thought of. This is another benefit of using both behind-the-scenes and on-screen historical dramas. 


Q. How do I create an account on SmiteSource?

To set up a profile, visit in your browser and click “Sign Up.” Input your email address, choose a personal username and password, and finalize the signup procedure. 

Q. Is Smite Source content available for all game platforms?

Correct, the builds, cases, and methods posted on SmiteSource are valid for both PC and console play: PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The homepage area contains the main gameplay, which does not deal with the platform’s special features.

Q. How often is content updated?

The main purpose of SmiteSource is an update of guides and builds after every major Smite patching process.  Besides the players should make feedback regarding this prevailing conversation in order to keep the lesson plan and strategies progressing. 

Q. Is the site content available for free?

Membership of Smite Source Premium Club offers you many advantages, the first and foremost ones having access to this lots of builds and guides, and other free-of-charge resource might be available for you, but there are some exclusive benefits that can be accessed only with a paid subscription. But the base gameplay unto which the free content forms a layer is still free. 


SmiteSource is an invaluable resource for any Smite player looking to improve their gameplay and connect with the community. With comprehensive guides, build strategies, patch notes, and more, SmiteSource provides everything you need to boost your skills and dominate the battleground. Whether you’re a casual or competitive player, beginner, or veteran, Smite Source has the tools and resources tailored to your needs. Join the thousands of Smite players already leveling up their game with SmiteSource’s expert insights.