Six Essentials Of A Local SEO Report

Local SEO is challenging because it requires more than just optimizing your content and keywords. You have to optimize for local directory listings and ensure you’re building citations in the right places so that local search engines can find your content and display it prominently in search results.

Since local SEO is a complex undertaking, this article creates a checklist to ensure you understand local SEO and the essentials of a local SEO report. You can also make use of an SEO report template.

What Is A Local SEO Report?

SEO Report

A Local SEO Report is a report that helps you understand the effectiveness of your local search marketing strategy. It’ll tell you which of your business’s locations are performing well, which ones need improvement, and what it would take to get them to perform well.

A Local SEO report will also help you understand how your website is doing compared to your competitor’s websites. This will help you identify areas where you need to improve and where you’re doing well so that you can focus on improving what needs to be improved and leaving alone what is working well.

It’s also a great way to measure your progress and see what’s working and what isn’t. They can help you find the data you need to make educated decisions about how to improve your local search strategy.

Why Do You Need A Local SEO Report?

A Local SEO Report is vital because it allows you to understand how well your website is doing in the local search results. It’s important to know where your company ranks for keywords related to your business and what the competition looks like in the area. This helps you determine if your company is performing well or if there are opportunities for improvement.

A local SEO report is crucial because it provides a clear picture of the state of your local SEO efforts. It can also give you the data you need to make informed decisions about how to improve your results.

Six Essentials Of A Local SEO Report


Now that you understand what a local SEO report is and its importance, the next thing is the essentials of a local SEO report.


The conversions and average value of those conversions are the most critical metrics in your local SEO strategy. Conversions are the number of times a user takes a desired action on your site or app, like making a purchase or filling out a form. An example would be filling out an application for membership to your gym, which is more likely to convert than someone simply browsing the website without signing up.

Conversion tracking is something that should be implemented as soon as possible into any e-commerce business’ online presence. That way, you can track how many people have converted into customers on each platform and where they came from.

  • Accuracy

The main goal of this work is to help you, the business owner, make better decisions about your online presence. The success of your SEO efforts and campaigns depends on the accuracy of your report. 

Your local SEO reports must be thorough, accurate, and comprehensive. This means they need to be timely (preferably daily), keep track of data across multiple platforms and include relevant metrics like traffic sources, rankings, and citations, and give actionable advice on what needs fixing or improving.

  • Page Speed Insights

The Page Speed Insights report is an essential part of your local SEO report. It can tell you how fast your website loads, what areas need improving, and how to fix them.

Your page speed score measures how long it takes for a web page to load, on average, across mobile and desktop devices. A higher score means that the page loads faster (thus improving user experience), and a lower score means that it takes longer to load. Page Speed Insights also provides recommendations on improving your page load time.

Campaign Performance 

Your local SEO reporting strategy should comprise two areas: campaign performance and actionable insights.

An excellent local SEO report will include data from multiple sources and metrics, as well as a summary of the current state of your business and marketing activities in this area. The goal is to give you a snapshot of how you’re currently performing across all aspects of your local search strategies to understand where there are opportunities for improvement or where things are going well.

In addition to the standard metrics and data you expect to find in a local SEO report, you must include as much information as possible. The more data points you can show your client, the better their chance of understanding what they need to do next.

  •  Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are the key to local SEO success. They are specific, actionable recommendations that you can take to improve your website’s performance in search engines. Actionable insights are a way of summarizing the main takeaways from a local SEO report. They are meant to be actionable or helpful, either by telling you what you need to do next or by giving you insight into how your business can improve its performance.

Actionable insights should be organized in one place, presented clearly, and include recommendations for future action. If you’re viewing a report that doesn’t do this, it’s probably not a very good local SEO report.

  • Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the essential elements in a local SEO report. A landing page is a web page designed to be clicked on by a search engine and, ultimately, leads users to your website. These pages are often built to convert visitors into customers.

Landing pages are important because they help you meet your goals of attracting more traffic from search engines and improving your search rankings. If you want to rank high in the results for a specific keyword phrase, you need to ensure that users who click on those results can find what they’re looking for on your website.


Your Local SEO reports will enable you to show your clients the value of your work and ensure they are satisfied with your progress. Local SEO reporting is an essential aspect of managing a successful business. So, if you want to improve yours, it’s crucial to know the elements.