Simple Ways to Increase My Upvotes on Quora

Quora is a popular question and answer platform where you can answer relevant details on different topics or questions. Whenever you answer an informative and effective question, readers can vote for your response.

The more upvotes you get on your answer, the more Quora users will see your answer when searching for the question. Your answer will generally be shown to the readers based on your upvotes.

Upvotes will work as an agent for your answer to get more views. Unlikely, millions of people visit Quora daily and ask and answer different topics. So, getting the expected upvotes on your answer can be challenging.

In that case, you can increase your upvotes by following simple techniques, such as answering questions accurately, using attractive images, writing short paragraphs, and many more.

To know more techniques with in-depth details to increase your upvotes on Quora, keep reading the context.

What Is The Importance Of Upvotes On Quora?

Upvotes typically signify the relatability and relevancy of the reader towards Quora’s answer. So, having more Quora Upvotes for your answer means a greater target audience will see your answer. Some of the significant advantages of upvotes on Quora have been illustrated below.

Boost Your Quora Account

Upvotes help to keep the attention of Quora users on your answered question. So, when you have more upvotes, you will get more Quora followers. This way, you can make your account more engaging through synergistic effects.

Promote Your Social Media Profile

With more upvotes, it will be easy for you to reach a significant number of Quora users. In that case, if you have a business profile, you can inform more people about your product or service. As a result, readers will seek your Quora profile, increasing your account reputation.

Receive Promotion

Once you have built a good reputation, readers will be more interested in your works, including blogs, articles, letters, and publications. This will help you to target a large number of audiences and make them interested in exploring your account.

Expand Your Intellectual

Effective and high-quality answers on Quora will increase your upvotes and help you connect with professionals in your field. This way, it will be easy for you to learn more about your particular topic from professionals. Additionally, when you answer different people’s questions, your answering efficiency will improve significantly.

Simple Ways To Increase Upvotes On Quora

Upvotes will determine whether your answer on Quora is effective or valuable. In that case, creating high-quality answers is the prime factor in improving Quora Upvotes. For your convenience, we have demonstrated some effective ways to increase upvotes on Quora.

Technique 1: Write An Accurate Answer

Since Quora is a question and answer based platform, it always prioritizes the answers that are relevant and accurate to the questions. So, when you answer any question, ensure the answer is accurate and authentic.

You have to ensure that readers will be satisfied by reading your answer, resulting in more votes. This will help Quora’s algorithm determine that your answer is effective for the readers.

As a result, your answer will be displayed to more users who are related to the question, resulting in more upvotes. In contrast, copying and pasting answers will not attract readers’ attention, causing downvotes.

Technique 2: Answer The Question Broadly

People like to get in-depth details when seeking answers to any particular questions. They always expect the answer on Quora will offer them all the questions’ details. So, try to answer a question with in-depth details.

In that case, you should ensure that the reader will find each and everything in detail on that particular topic. If you can fulfill the reader’s intent, they will leave an upvote.

However, you should avoid writing long paragraphs if the question is asked just from a short answer. Always try to write the actual answer depending on the asked question.

Technique 3: Keep Answer To The Point

While writing longer answers, avoid writing out of the point. Writing something out of the question can distract the readers from your answer. In that case, you can add some real examples to your writing to stay on track.

Besides, if the question requires any solution, write step-by-step instructions. For descriptive answers, write in several paragraphs. If you successfully solve the asked query, you will be rewarded with upvotes for your answer.

Technique 4: Use Relevant Images

Using images with the answer will help readers understand the topic faster and more easily. In that case, you have to use images relevant to the question. If you use an irrelevant image, readers will be distracted from reading the answer.

For example, you answer the question of what gravity is. You may explain the definition of gravity with some examples. If you use some motion pictures with the answer, it will be easy for the reader to understand what gravity actually is.

This way, you can make your answer more interesting, engaging, and informative to catch the readers’ eye easily.

Technique 5: Keep The Answer Simple And Concise      

While answering any question on Quora, ensure your written text is simple and vocabulary understandable. So that readers can easily understand what you are actually trying to say through your answer.

In that case, you can divide the answer into different paragraphs so that readers can skim through it quickly. Apart from that, avoid writing full-page blog answers that can be irritating to read for readers.

Technique 6: Avoid Arguable Answer

An arguable answer is one of the prime reasons for not getting upvotes on Quora’s answer. If someone comments on your answer that it is not correct, don’t reply to any arguable text. Commenting on the arguable text will show the lack of intellect and emotion.

In that case, you can reply with some authentic references to prove your answer is correct. If your answer is wrong, surrender to the commentator and write the correct answer.

Technique 7:  Include Link As Reference

Sometimes you may have to include references to make the answer more informative and authentic. In such circumstances, you should include any reference links in your answer, so the reader can be redirected to the site to read in-depth details.

For example, you are answering a scientific query that needs a broad discussion. In that case, you can discuss the topic briefly and include the reference link for further information.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Upvotes On Quora

Here you will get some commonly asked questions with explanations of upvotes on Quora. Check the section for any questions related to the topic; you may find your asked question.

1.    Is Buying Quora Upvotes Worth It?

Sometimes you may not find your desired upvotes on Quora even after applying all the techniques discussed above. In that case, buying Quora upvotes is a good option that will help to increase the upvotes. Once you have more upvotes on your answer, Quora’s search engine will rank your answer in the search engine. This way, you can gain huge credibility on Quora.

2.    Where Will I Find My Upvotes On Quora?

You will find the upvotes on Quora on the profile page. Follow the consequent steps: “Profile Page > Activity (from the left column)“. Here you will see all your upvotes with answers.

3.    Is It Possible To View Who Upvoted Me On Quora?

Yes, it is possible to know who upvoted you on Quora. You just need to tap on the <number of> upvotes link under the answer. Once you do that, a list of who upvoted the answer will show on the screen.


Hopefully, you may now know the simplest ways to increase upvotes on Quora after reading the context. In general, following the techniques mentioned above, you can easily increase your upvotes on Quora.

In that case, answering with accurate information, adding relevant images, making the answer simple, and including reference links will help you to get more upvotes on your answer.

However, if you fail to increase the upvotes on Quora even after applying the above techniques, you should invest in buying upvotes on Quora. Purchasing upvotes will help to reach your answers to almost all the readers who search for the question.