Simple Steps to Staying Safe with Crypto Gaming

It’ll come as little surprise to anyone interested in the growth of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin and other tokens are involved in the online gambling industry. Experts said it was always a matter of time, and although this is no overnight sensation, online gamers, and gamblers are about to be hit with the full force of crypto. It’s here to change the way we gamble and make in-game purchases. Are you ready?

The leading Bitcoin sports betting apps have accepted crypto since the global pandemic hit in 2020. Now more high-ranking and famous sports platforms have joined the party, and we’re fast approaching a time when all significant bookies worth joining accept bets and pay winners in Bitcoin. 

It’s exciting times, with crypto and online gaming sharing many similarities. They’re fast, secure, and popular, blending seamlessly to give users an exciting, modern, and private gambling experience. But how do you use Bitcoin and other crypto tokens for betting? 

Our online gaming experts are here to help bring you up to speed on the latest developments and what they mean for gamblers.

What we cover in this article

There’s a lot to get through in this article, and if you’d like to start gaming online using crypto to cover your purchases and stakes, this page has everything you need. It’s your one-stop shop for all your Bitcoin betting needs, and we advise bookmarking the page and checking back each time you need information on gaming with crypto tokens.

Where did Bitcoin betting come from, and is it here to stay? Can you make predictions on sports and esports using Bitcoin and your smartphone? Are winnings paid in crypto or cash? These are just some of the valuable questions our team of experts covered. Get the kind of online gaming and gambling advice you can trust.

Online gambling is an enjoyable hobby and allows players to predict their favorite sports teams, competitions, and players. Watch tonight’s NFL game shown live on television, pick the winner, and bet using Bitcoin. It’s fast, secure, and enjoyable. But there are some pitfalls you should consider. 

Remember, the more you understand Bitcoin betting and the markets, the luckier your predictions will be this season.

Safely create an account

You are free to browse the available Bitcoin gaming apps, but to join one and enjoy the many benefits, you must register an account. We’re glad to report this takes just a few minutes to complete, and once you have registered, you can access the app when you like.

Your first step should be to find a gaming app you wish to join. One that’s experienced, generous, and reliable, so it may take some research, comparing, and digging to get the perfect match. When you have found a provider, visit their website and complete the registration process below. Do this on your smartphone or desktop computer.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen gaming app and click Join.
    • Complete the registration form, providing your name and details.
      • Create a username that’s memorable but secure
        • Add the promo code to secure the welcome bonus
          • Make your first deposit and wager
            • Free bet tokens will be added to your balance

You can only join an online gaming app as a new customer and claim the welcome bonus once. But hundreds of providers give new players a free bet when they register, deposit, and gamble.

Adding Bitcoin to your wallet

Deposits are accepted in debit cards, e-wallets, and now crypto. Your gaming account is registered, set up, and ready to go, but you must pair your crypto and gaming profiles. Thankfully, this is another process that is quick and simple.

When signed into your account, visit the member’s area and click to add a new payment option. Select the crypto option and enter your Bitcoin wallet details. When you add funds to your gaming account, you can select from crypto, e-wallet, or debit cards. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

You can add as many payment options as you like. They must be registered to the same name as the gaming account, or payments won’t go through. Read the terms and conditions on your gaming provider’s app for more information on deposit and withdrawal limits.

Good habits for online gamers

The gaming app and your crypto account ensure you’re protected from all angles. But you can do a few things to help boost your security further. These small steps have a massive impact on the security of your account. You want to enjoy gaming and spend less time worrying about online privacy.

The username and password are the easiest way to beef up your security. You require these details when accessing your account to play. The information means you don’t create a new account each time you wish to gamble. The username and password should be memorable to help speed up the process. But it should also be secure, protecting you against hackers and online fraud.

Another tried and tested way to protect your account is by using face recognition. Your gaming app allows you to access your account through the username and password, face-recognition technology, and fingerprint ID login. Only you can access your account with these extra lines of defense.

Contacting customer services

The customer care team is available if you ever require assistance on anything relating to your gaming account, from registering to depositing cash or checking the app’s rules.

Most issues with gaming apps are user errors, and an easy way to address this is by using the frequently asked questions page. There’s a helpful catalog of regular questions with handy answers attached. Ideal if you require assistance outside of office hours.

Click the live chat option, and connect with a customer care agent. Type your message into the chat box and get a reply in seconds. The chat box can only be closed once you confirm your happiness.

Withdrawing your winnings

If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a successful day of online gaming, you may wish to withdraw your winnings quickly and securely. Click the member’s area and withdraw profits from your account balance back to your crypto card with a single click.