Simple Instagram Tips That Will Help Expand Your Online Following

Instagram LoginYou are sitting in your favorite futon at home, sipping some freshly brewed coffee wondering how Ariana Grande got to have over 200 million followers. Instagram is all about posting the right type of content at precisely the right time. That sounds easier than done, right? Well because it is! You too can have as many followers. All those likes that you’ve been dreaming of can be yours with the help of these simple tips to expand your online following.

Be Consistent and Updated

A mistake some Instagrammers make is posting once in a blue moon. Do you think that’s what the top influencers do? If you want to grow your audience, you must post as consistently as possible; multiple times throughout the day, every hour if you have to. Post when you bathe your adorable kitten, when you walk it to the park, when you take it to its playdates and sleepovers, post it all.

Additionally, you have to be aware of the latest trends and coolest topics for your followers. Keep them glued to their seats and eyes to your account. This will surely expand your online following. On the other hand, you have other social sites that you frequent. You can buy social media signals to help with your ranking. Additionally, they’ll allow you to keep track of your links as well as keep you updated on all fronts.

Utilize The Available Resources On Instagram

There are tech tools out there that are geared towards increasing traffic and expanding your audience base. These are tools such as ViralUpgrade, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social to mention but a few. Before utilizing such tools, however, be sure to read what other users are saying about them. There are informative resources online to help you make an informed decision. In today’s market space, you cannot risk giving up to the competition. Take the initiative and invest in useful Instagram tools and see how it goes from there.

Start A ‘Follow-To Enter or Win’ Campaign

Even though you don’t have millions of followers, the hundreds that you have can help you get more, much more. You can start a campaign where your followers can win a prize like a free make-up session. What’s the catch? If anyone wants to win this free make-up session with you, then they must first follow and like your account and posts. Naturally, these friends will tell their friends hence creating a network of followers who will follow your account to win their prize. Just make sure you have enough make-up for the winners.

Convert Your Posts To Instagram Ads

Do you want to post about house cleaning? Then go ahead and do so and wow your target audience. For that single post to reach more users, turn it into an Ad. To do this, tap on the options tab and proceed to switch to a business profile. Business for Instagram has specific users who are interested in specific topics. Posting your house cleaning via Instagram Ads will guarantee you a high number of users are likely to come across your content and follow you.

Gauge Your Target AudienceSocial Media

As earlier mentioned, content is everything if you wish to have more followers. Most importantly, audience-driven content. You cannot post content about fishing yet your target audience is the youth whose interest is video games and modern fashion. Understandably, you created the account to talk about activities you are passionate about, you can post that, but also learn how to blend. Go ahead and do an online search to find out the most sought-after topics in social media. That way you can mix and match the content you post and you are likely to have a larger following.

Engagement Matters

Remember, you are the PR officer of your account. Whenever your followers have tons of questions to ask, you must always find a way of answering them. If they express certain concerns, maybe about a product you are selling them, alleviate their fears as soon as possible. Go live for better engagement with your followers since you can address any issues they may have in real-time. Also, negative publicity is good publicity. In case you receive criticism from your followers, don’t act out, instead diligently listen and heed to find a way of dealing with such.

A large following on Instagram can mean more opportunities for you in many aspects such as economically or socially. These tips are not only simple but will guide and help you get more followers. Post engaging content and wait for those data analytics to change for the better.