Router Settings for Twitch Streaming: Maximizing Quality and Stability

Hello, this is Christopher Gustafson with another helpful article on router issues. As a transformative cloud leader specializing in enterprise cloud solutions and digital transformation at all levels, I aim to provide everyone with the best solutions to maximize the benefits of the internet. 

Live streaming and gaming constitute a significant part of our daily entertainment. And Twitch has made a considerable impact on American homes. A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is known for its premium video game live-streaming, sports, and reality content. In addition, it also lets you access a host of music content and other entertainment shows. 

Today, the article will emphasize how to maximize the quality and stability of routers, resulting in the best Twitch streaming experience.

Why is it Important to Have the Right Router for Twitch? 

You need a very strong internet connection to watch varied content online on Twitch. Video game live streaming requires a robust operating system and a steady internet connection. It can be very frustrating when your connection drops midway, and your games or sports are constantly interrupted. 

You need a good service provider and the correct router settings to ensure a steady and strong internet connection. Depending on what kind of games you play or the live streaming you watch on Twitch, you can opt for tri-band, wi-fi 6 routers. Although they are expensive, they come with a lot of features. Here are some routers for Twitch streaming that will give you a better streaming experience. 

Methods to Optimize Your Router for Best Quality and Stability 

Assuming you just have a regular router from your service provider, here is what you can do to set it up optimally for Twitch. 

Opt for a Cabled Router 

Wi-fi is excellent if you frequently use the internet on multiple devices. However, if you watch Twitch on TV or any other large monitor, it is advisable to get a cabled router. Live-streaming games or reality TV are best enjoyed on large screens and in high resolution. Cabled routers give you the stability required for such high bandwidth. 

Hence, a fixed Ethernet connection with a compatible router will serve your purpose better. You can also use an Ethernet adapter that works with the electrical system in your house or office. You can then have wired Ethernet from anywhere on the premises. 

Reduce Resolution

If you use Twitch frequently on a regular router and with a recurring subscription plan, lowering your resolution slightly will give you a better viewing experience. For example, if you watch Twitch over 4K resolution or 1080p and your connection keeps faltering, then switching to 720p can resolve the problem considerably. 

720p resolution is also good enough. Between a 1080p video that constantly buffers and a 720p video that streams continuously with relatively good pictures, the latter would be a better choice. 

On the other hand, If you try to upload content on Twitch, you would, of course, want to give your viewers a quality viewing experience. With stiff competition on every streaming platform, you would need to maintain high quality. 

Hence, while uploading the video, the quality is lowered only temporarily. And try to work on a fixed-cabled router for better and improved connectivity. 

Check your Configurations

Setting up your router correctly for watching or live-streaming on any platform like Twitch is essential. Check your configurations if you have any network issues. Most routers also have a tab on their configuration page. 

Start by finding out the public IP address of your network or router. Then, you can map the public WAN port. To livestream, you can configure it to Port 80 HHTP and Port 554 RTSP of the camera. Then log in with your camera password, if any. 

For the best viewing experience, try to use the latest Wi-fi 6 router. 

Set Up the Router Close by

If you must use Wi-fi, try to set up the router as close to the device as possible. Intermittent barriers like walls can disrupt the connection. Similarly, if your router is located inside the house while trying to watch Twitch in the basement den or outhouse, you could also have network issues there. 

Upgrade your Router

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds of routers that are more compatible with live streaming and gaming. If you have an old router connected to a 2.4 GHz network, that may not work for Twitch. 

Choose a router capable of supporting 5G speed, as that would be required for live streaming. 

Do not Stream with Multiple Users

If multiple users log in with the same router, it will undoubtedly consume more bandwidth. If you try to watch Twitch at the same time that someone else is working or streaming something online, your video quality is bound to be poor. 

On the other hand, if you are live-streaming on Twitch, you would face similar issues trying to upload your content. Your viewers will leave if your stream lags or has poor video quality. Hence, having two separate plans or routers in your home is advisable. 

You can use one for your dedicated Twitch device and the other one for all other devices and smart appliances in your home. This will definitely enhance your speed, depending on the plan you opted for. 

Upgrade your Plan

Depending on your location, most internet service providers will give you a better and upgraded router or at least suggest one that allows more speed. If your usual service provider does not allow that, you can consider switching them as well. You may get a better plan with a more competent price that offers a more stable connection. 


While routers may not be the only issue with a slow connection, you will benefit by knowing how to set up the router correctly. Live-streaming platforms like Twitch do require considerable bandwidth. I personally use Twitch a lot, and I understand how a router can make or break the experience. By having the correct router, you will definitely enjoy using Twitch even more.