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Let us talk about a revolutionary firm which is the largest paper and pulp company. This American company incorporates approximately 56,000 employees and is none other than International Paper. We will refer to it here as MY IP- INTERNATIONAL PAPER. Which is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.


My IP-International Paper was founded by William Augustus Russell and Hugh J. Chisholm. who also served as the first two presidents of My IP-International Paper.

This is a full-service printing company, providing quality and personalized services to our customers. my IP international paper specializes in full-color printing, offset printing and digital printing.


After the closing of the biggest paper production mill. HUDSON RIVER MILL in Corinth, New York, could only MY IP-International Paper come into the picture. The Hudson River Mill was the pioneer in the production of coated paper in the 19th century.


MY IP-International Paper acquired quite giants, naming them below-

Hammermill Paper Company – MY IP- International Paper took its control in 1986. Which controlled 11, yes! 11 paper mills nationwide. In 1988: Masonite Corporation, in 1989: The German Zanders Feinpapiere AG and The French Aussedat ReyFederal Paper Board.In 1999: The Union Camp Corporation, 2000: Champion International. Additionally, it acquired APPM(Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Rajahmundry). Which now is an International Paper Company.


MY IP-International Paper Company of America uses renewable resources to create recyclable products.

  • International Paper manufactures diapers, tissue, and other personal hygiene products that promote health and wellness.
  • They create quality cellulose fiber products, suitable for a worldwide range of applications like baby care, medical care, and so on.
  • The raw materials for many everyday products, such as diapers, tissues, feminine care products, and other personal hygiene products, are renewable and sustainable. International Paper Global Cellulose Fibers has a network of nine manufacturing locations and offices around the globe. These include locations in Memphis, Geneva, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. As well as two specialty converting facilities for cellulose fibers used in consumers goods. The company also has dedicated Innovation Centers and Research and Development Centers. Which include on-site testing laboratories manned by engineers and scientists.

MY-IP Vision, Mission, and Values:-

MY IP-International Paper

MY IP-International Paper Company’s vision for 2030 is to build a better future for people, the planet, and the company.

  • Taking on this commitment will lead to the company being among the most successful, sustainable, and responsible companies in the world.
  • The company has committed to sourcing 100% of its fiber from sustainably managed forests or recovered fibers while protecting watersheds and biodiversity. As well as restoring 1 million acres of ecologically significant forestland.
  • The company’s mission is to improve people’s lives, protect the planet, and improve the performance of the company by transforming renewable resources into everyday goods.
  • “IP Way Forward” is the motto of International Paper, a way to go beyond the right things.

MY-IP INTERNATIONAL PAPER focuses on four main goals:

1. Healthy and Abundant Forests that lead forest stewardship practices equally:

A partnership between International Paper and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation launched Forestland Stewardship in 2013. Which has helped protect core habitats, such as the red-coated woodpecker. And has also enhanced ecologically important forest lands in ten southern states.

2. Renewable Solutions that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by using innovative fiber-based products:

The implementation of Sustainable Operations to reduce the impact on the environment and maximize water conservation. Partnering with the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Program, a public-private initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation.

Green Tree

3. Thriving People and Communities: Promoting the well-being of employees and communities by providing a safe, caring, and inclusive workplace and strengthening the resilience of communities:

International Paper Company’s Industrial Packaging business collects, consumes and markets more than 7 million tons of recycled paper each year from different markets. These include Proteins, e-commerce, distribution, fruits and vegetables, durable and non-durable goods, and processed food and beverages.

Global cellulose fiber is a renewable raw material that is used in a range of products, including textiles, paints, and construction materials. The Global Glucose Fibers business is a leading provider of paper grade pulp, specialty pulp, and absorbents. Softwood pulp produced by the International Paper mill exhibits superior tensile strength, sheet smoothness, and uniformity and requires little or no refining energy for a wide range of tissue, paper, and packaging applications.

Through their unique innovations and manufacturing capabilities. They are able to meet the fiber needs of a broad range of industries with their cellulose fiber products. FloraCel™ and Matrix® are their specialty product brands introduced in 2021. Matrix® grades can be used in a variety of fiber-reinforced applications, including concrete and fiber cement. Healthcare facilities at MY-IP International Paper are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life for patients and create a more hygienic work environment for employees.

Fiber Innovation

Through fiber innovation, they create thinner, softer, and more absorbent adult incontinence products that trap wetness and odors, promote skin health, and make life easier for patients and caregivers. Fluff pulp is used to make absorbent hygiene products. The wood is entirely derived from southern U.S. softwoods. The natural mechanism used by Skin Wellness fluff pulp neutralizes ammonia. Which helps protect even the most sensitive skin from rashes and irritation. SuperSoft® fluff pulp is designed to adapt to a wide variety of absorbent hygiene product segments and equipment, offering an array of specifications with unique product features. The SuperSoft® Odor Control fluff pulp combines odor control innovation with excellent absorbency to deliver a solution for ammonia odors in baby diapers, incontinence products, and bed pads.

With the use of combined-heat-and-power energy systems. MY-IP is the leader in the use of renewable energy and generates nearly 75% of the energy used in their mills from biomass residuals.


4. Through committing diversity and inclusion.

MY-IP INTERNATIONAL PAPER goes beyond racial and gender diversity. The commitment to embody a diverse and inclusive culture intersects with three strategic pillars. Workforce, Workplace, and Marketplace.


In order to achieve our Vision 2030 goals. MY-IP INTERNATIONAL PAPER has developed five focus areas with corresponding goals. The focus area includes:-

  • Approximately 30% of our workforce is female, with 50% of women in salaried positions. And 30% minority representation in salaried positions in the U.S.
  • Enhancing employee engagement in those areas specifically related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Increasing retention of diverse salaried employees.
  • They must make sure that diverse talent is ready to be considered for key positions.
  • Increasing employee collaboration and inclusion.

“As one of FORTUNE’s World’s Most Admired Companies, MY-IP has been recognized for the commitment, resiliency, and determination shown by every member of our team every day,” said Mark Sutton, chairman, and chief executive officer of the company “I want to thank our colleagues for their dedication to our company vision to be among the most successful, sustainable, and responsible companies in the world, and for achieving these recognitions.”.

One of MY-IP International Paper’s four signature causes is Education. More than 2.5 million people benefit from International Paper’s education initiatives every year. Paper is an amazing medium to connect, learn, and be inspired: A handwritten note on a card means more than an email.

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