How to Renew Avast Free Antivirus 2019?

renew avast subscription

Are you using avast free antivirus or avast premium antivirus in 2019? Does your avast license is going to expire or expired? Then it is the time to renew the avast subscription. Because, the internet is full of malware, virus, and spyware. A wrong click can put you in trouble.

Renew Avast Antivirus Subscription

If you do not renew antivirus software then the computer will be open for viruses or online hackers. If you are aware of the avast renewal then you can contact avast customer service. The technician at avast helpline will help you to renew antivirus.

You just need to call avast antivirus support phone number, Microsoft certified technician will help you to activate avast antivirus on your pc. If you don’t want avast antivirus renewal then you can manually switch to the avast free version. Steps to renew antivirus software are given on the blog, just read and follow them step by step.

How to Check Avast Expired or Not?

If you are new to avast antivirus or non-technical person then you can follow the steps given below to check the avast antivirus is expired or not. Checking avast antivirus expiration is easy, follow the steps

  1. Open Avast Antivirus Settings
  2. Click on Subscription

You will find the date of avast antivirus renewal or you can also check the auto-renewal for avast antivirus is active or not. In the subscription, tab you will find when you first time registred with avast and how many days have been left.

What to do if the avast license is expired?

If you are using avast free antivirus or your avast license is expired then click on the orange reactivate avast button. If you avast expired then you will get a message stating “You are in danger avast license is expired, please register avast”.

Follow the steps given below to register and renew avast antivirus. The process is simple just follow the steps:

  1. Open avast antivirus
  2. Register at avast
  3. Now, click on the Green button to activate
  4. Follow the registration process
  5. When you successfully renewed antivirus then try to activate avast antivirus

These will help the customer to get avast antivirus working again with the license. If you are not friendly with the steps please, contact the avast antivirus support number. The technician at the antivirus support center will help you to renew avast antivirus without any trouble.

Steps for Avast Antivirus Renewal

  1. Open Avast Antivirus Official Website at
  2. Select the Plan you want: Select the plans according to need like 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. You can also buy an avast antivirus for multiple computers.
  3. Now, Open avast antivirus on your pc. In Avast Antivirus User Interface Click on Insert License key.
  4. Click on Insert License Key: Now enter your avast antivirus license key to fully activate avast on windows 10.

Avast Antivirus Expert:

All the steps given above are the best way to renew avast antivirus. If you are not able to renew by following these steps then you should contact the avast antivirus support number. We have Microsoft certified technicians who are always ready to fix avast antivirus related issues. If you caught any problem then just given a call 1-888-272-9758 avast customer service.

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