React Developer Hourly Rate: 2022 Market Overview

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React is one of the most common programming languages many companies are using to build the user interface for their web applications. With ReactJS, they can build an easy-to-use user interface that can deliver the best user satisfaction because of its various benefits, such as flexibility, speed, usability, and performance. However, hiring a React developer might require you to pay a high ReactJS developer salary, depending on various factors, such as country of origin, experience, qualifications, and additional skills. Here’s the 2022 market overview for React developer hourly rate:

  1. Countries with the Highest Rates per Hour for React Developers

The market overview for React developers in 2022 doesn’t deviate too much from the previous year, so you can still see the same average rates per hour and the same ReactJS average salary in most countries. The costs of hiring React developers will vary from country to country, but the rates per hour are still similar to the rates in 2021. Also, you can find that the United States and Canada still hold the highest rates for ReactJS programmers in the global market.

The United States has an average $57 per hour rate for React developers, although the prices might vary depending on the state. Next, Canada has an average of $56 per hour for its React developers, and the price will also vary from province to province. These countries still have the highest quality React developers you can hire for your company.

  • Countries with the Lowest Rates per Hour for React Developers

Now, let’s look at the countries with the lowest rates per hour for ReactJS developers. These countries are Ukraine, the Netherlands, and India. These are the countries you should consider when hiring React developers for your project. However, it’s always important to ensure that you are hiring the best talents. Always do some thorough assessment tests before hiring any React developers from these countries, and don’t expect them to deliver the work as best as the developers from the United States and Canada.

For React developers in Ukraine, the average hourly rate is $20, so it’s the best one to get if you plan on expanding your team of React developers for your project. Then, India has an hourly rate of $15, while the Netherlands has an hourly rate of $25. These countries are suitable destinations if you want to use IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing models in your development process. Also, these are the best countries to pick if you want to pay an affordable ReactJS salary to your React programmers while getting the best quality work from them.

  • The Average ReactJS Developer Salary in the Global Market

How much do ReactJS developers earn in a year? Again, it will vary because there are differences in the hourly rates for ReactJS developers in various countries. Let’s delve deeper into the countries with the most expensive ReactJS developer hourly rates in the global market. How much are ReactJS developers earn in the United States and Canada per year? On average, ReactJS jobs salary in the US is $120,000 per year, while React programmers in Canada earn a $115,000 salary per year. So, they are about the same.

Now, for the countries with the lowest hourly rates in the global market, such as Ukraine, India, and the Netherlands, how much do ReactJS developers earn in these countries? In Ukraine, the average salary for ReactJS programmers is $29,000 per year, while in India, their average salary is $13,000 per year. In the Netherlands, the average salary for ReactJS programmers is $49,000 per year.

  • What to Look for when Hiring React Developers?

When hiring React developers, you need to look for various aspects, such as code writing skills, the ability to create clean and responsive UI, the ability to work in a team, code monitoring, knowledge in other basic programming languages, the ability to use JavaScript with React, and so on. It’s best for you not to rush in deciding which programmer to hire, as there are many considerations you need to make before adding them to your team.

It’s also important for you to look for your current project, whether it needs the skills of new or experienced React developers. Don’t give the complicated tasks designated for expert React developers to those who are still new and inexperienced just to cut your development costs. Always gauge the experience level of the React programmers you want to hire.


You have learned the overview for React developer hourly rate along with the average ReactJS developer salary in the global market. It’s time for you to use this information to find the best ReactJS programmers you can add to your existing team. You can either look for them yourself in various freelancing platforms and professional social media platforms, or you can use IT outstaffing services to make your hiring process even easier for you to do.