Planning your Microsoft 365 migration

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Want to Migrate G suite to Office 365 or vice versa? Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are cloud-based SaaS platforms (software as a service) that offer a wide range of capabilities. Ease of scalability, security, reliability, and efficiency are some of the reasons businesses move from Google Workspace to M365. Some advantages of M365 are:

  • Cloud storage
  • Ease of use
  • Offline File Access Capabilities
  • Office 365 applications
  • Microsoft 365 Collaboration

As with any Office 365 migration project, planning is paramount and begins with an inventory plus a health check of your source environment. Understanding what your organization uses with Google Workspace can help you better design your migration approach. In most cases, businesses want to “lift and move” data to avoid loss. Some companies choose to migrate only the most critical data such as email and cloud file storage, allowing them to build a new solution from scratch to meet their needs. Both approaches present different challenges. Because different platforms handle data differently, there is a risk of data fidelity being lost. Knowing and understanding the differences will help you choose the right approach for your business. This increases your migration success rate and helps you communicate and set expectations with your end-user base.

Carefully considering Microsoft 365 pricing and the various plans available can help you select the best fit for your organization’s needs and budget. By aligning the Microsoft 365 pricing plan with your company’s requirements, you can optimize cost efficiency while still benefiting from the platform’s extensive features during and after the migration

In addition to mapping and inventorying your migration source, planning your Microsoft 365 tenant deployment is a critical part of a successful migration. Microsoft offers a variety of capabilities in areas such as email and collaboration, identity and data security, data loss prevention, and endpoint management. Having a good foundation in all these areas will ensure a smooth data migration and user transition. Microsoft teams migration is an essential aspect to consider during this process, as it involves transitioning your organization’s collaboration and communication channels to the Microsoft Teams platform.

The transition between Google and Microsoft’s productivity suites has had the biggest impact, if not the entire organization. Considering business processes, collaboration, data structures, compliance, and more. If you haven’t defined and documented your business processes yet, now is a good time to do so. Understanding how migration impacts business lines and how organizations are responding to change will drive the adoption of new platforms. One of the aspects of users adopting a new productivity suite is Azure backup solutions by Microsoft which securely store the data of users in the cloud and can be retrieved easily at the time of some disaster.

As you plan and execute your migration from Google to Microsoft 365, make sure your team documents every step. Documentation not only serves as a reference during the project but also facilitates analysis and discussion of lessons learned after project evaluation. Documentation of what was completed and how it was completed may be required for compliance and audit purposes.

One factor that is often overlooked is end-user education. As you plan how you will communicate with your organization, consider what your users will need to know during the transition. Be sure to play the scenarios yourself and record your experience.


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