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Outlook Not Receiving Emails – How to Resolve?

Outlook is another tool of M.S. office which is like an email application that can run offline. Outlook is one the most important for professional communication and information.

On using this most prominent and popular email servers, user might face some minor issues related to receiving emails. This is not a technical issue as it is caused mainly due to:

Solutions to Solve the issue of not receiving emails for Outlook 365

The first solution method is to clean your inbox as sometimes too many emails making your inbox to become full. To create space for other by clearing out few folders in box like junk folder. For which you will have to right click on the junk email and then choose empty folder. For quicker way you can use sweep option which means all emails belonging to particular sender would be deleted automatically. This sweep option keeps only emails from last 10 days from the sender. For this you will have to right click on the email and select the sweep option.

Note: You can even delete emails from Archive folder of inbox to create room for new emails.

Now, check if your issue has been solved by click on the refresh option.

The second method of the solution is to check if your junk/spam folder has the particular email which you have been waiting for. In such case all you have to do is to remove the sender’s name and mark as not junk. Then all the previously sent and which might come in future will automatically move back to inbox.

The third solution is to cross check your filter and sort settings of your inbox as sometimes based on these settings there is a possibility that the messages might not come in the list. To resolve this, you will have to first select filter and after that you will have to choose what type of messages should be visible.

There is another step where you have to select sort by after you have clicked the filter and the sort according to your requirements. Now refresh and see if you have found your required email to be received.

This solution is most common, if the above methods were not able to solve this is the one. Sometimes without our knowledge we might have blocked the sender. To resolve this, follow the below steps:

Next solution is to check your email rule but before that once check the other tab of your inbox as focused inbox arranges all the emails under two labels one is focused and other to help the user know what are the emails most important and less important. Once check the other folders if you find the email then remember to right click on email and choose move to focused inbox. Now, to check the email rules you will have to follow the steps given below:

The solution method is to see if your account is blocked. As when your account is blocked you can neither see or receive emails of your account. This might be temporary as the outlook might have felt some unusual activity and for this you need to contact account to unblock it.

The next solution is to remove some connected accounts to your outlook account. Outlook provides a feature to add connected accounts so that you can easily send and receive emails. But if this list goes more than 20 then you won’t be able to receive or send the emails. So, try reducing few accounts and see if you are able to receive or send emails.

The next method is not a solution but a confirmation from sender’s end that he has sent the email to your address. Ensure that their email is being delivered to and if no then they should contact Microsoft support and sort it out, The next method is to clear out outlook cache as outlook saves cache files on your operating system and these files might be increased in number that you are not able to see new emails for this you have to just clear the old cache. For doing so follow the below steps:

These are methods to solve the issue of not receiving email in outlook. Try contacting outlook support if it not able to resolve then better create a new account. Here the procedure to setup an outlook email account:

  1. Open Outlook in laptop.
  2. Then, select the File tab.
  3. Next, you will have to go in the Info category, select Account Settings   and in the account setting dialog box, click settings.
  4. Later, on the Email tab, select New.
  5. After that in the Add New Account dialog box, to configure the new email account automatically, configure the following settings in the Email Account section under Auto Account Setup:
    1. Firstly, in the Your Name box, type your full name.
    1. After that in the Email Address box, type your e-mail address.
    1. Subsequently, in the Password box, type the password that your ISP provided.
    1. Next, in the Retype Password box, retype the password,
    1.  Now, click Next to begin the Auto Account Setup process.
    1. Outlook automatically sets up your account
    1. Click finish at the end.

After creating the new account follow all the measures to ensure to not face the problem again by following above methods.

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