What is NFS? List of the Most Common NFS Meanings

nfs meaning

NFS is a popular abbreviation in texting, social media, and the online world. Super fast, in three paragraphs, this guide will explore the main definitions of NFS and how it can be correctly used.

It is amongst the most famous words for NFS, which is “No Funny Sh*t.” Here, the word user means a natural person who wants to be taken seriously, i.e., for no jokes or humor. NFS is often shorthand when people refer to an item not for sale (hence NFS- Not For Sale). The last possible definition could be “New Friends,” where a person searches for new linkages or friendships online.

Understanding the context is essential when utilizing NFS. Signaling seriousness helps emphasize a grave or important message. Those viewing an item labeled NFS will know not to ask about buying it. And those looking for new friends can declare their intent. Proper use adds clarity while avoiding offense through mistaken interpretation. With care and respect, NFS is a helpful acronym in digital communications.

NFS Means “No Funny Sh*t”

“NFS” is used in text, chat, TikTok, or Snapchat to mean “No Funny Sh*t.” Usually, this is done to let the person know they should not see or hear Jokes or humorous stuff.

For this, the people could just follow the others’ wishes not to be tagged and desist from anything that may not be funny. Alternatively, suggest the other person consider why they avoid funny stuff and reconsider their motives.

Example conversation:

  • Zoomer: Oh, I just saw a hilarious meme on TikTok!
  • Boomer: NFS, please. I’m not into jokes at the moment.
  • Zoomer: Oh, okay. Sorry about that. Is everything alright?
  • Boomer: Yes, I am low, you know. Thanks for understanding.

The figures here are in a situation where the zoomer, the young one, attempts to share a funny meme with the boomer, who is the old one, and the boomer says no funny content but NFS. The zoomer shows that he respects the boomer’s listener-ship and apologizes, and the boomer explains why he doesn’t want to have a joke at the time, which is very important.

NFS as “Not For Sale”

To illustrate this, Next Family Store abbreviates NFS to inform that the item will not be available for purchase when selling products through online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Depop. As a seller, you should ensure that your potential buyers clearly understand an item if it’s posted as sold or out of stock.

Keeping NFS as a verb in the description assures users’ understanding and transparently shows a product’s availability. If someone chats you up and inquires about an item listed for NFS, politely respond by letting them know it has sold or won’t be available for sale soon.

Some examples of how an online seller could use NFS include:

  • “Red vintage dress- $30. In size small- NFS.”
  • “NF – Brown leather jacket. Only accepting offers for $100 and above”.
  • “Message back if you are interested in any other items. This item is No Longer for Sale.”

Integrating NFS in listings so that they will not be for sale can save sellers and buyers time in deciding the posting. It is because it makes the item’s status clear at the start of the post. This is just a short reminder that the item isn’t in stock and, thus, isn’t for sale.

NFS as “New Friends”

NFS is sometimes used as a short form for “New Friends” when somebody is communicating using the internet or text messaging. This being the case, NFS is an individual who simply wants to make new friends or build meaningful connections.

There are a few ways this meaning of NFS may present itself: There are a few ways this meaning of NFS may present itself:

Introductions – When joining the new social platform or group, it is ideal to introduce themselves personally and say they are open to meeting the NFS. For example, “Here I am, new and looking to make NFS friends :> “

Status Updates – Your status update could look like inviting friends. “Anyone wants to talk-> I’m looking for people only for networking.”

Mutual Existence – Finding people who share the same hobbies or interests is a possible way of contacting people with similar ones to you. “Hey, do you play any games? Of course, I never say no to new friends in the NFS.”

Direct Messages – Respectfully sending friendly DMs to those with common interests would ease your networking reach. I found you through your profile, and we might share some common interests. Shoot me a message if you want to connect and meet others.

The lighthearted, approachable tone is essential when using NFS in this context. The goal is to present oneself as open and welcoming to new social interactions versus seeming overeager or pushy. Subtlety and respecting others’ preferences is ideal. With a thoughtful presentation, NFS can help facilitate making positive new connections.

Other Common NFS Meanings

In addition to the most common meanings of “No Funny Sh*t” and “Not For Sale,” NFS can have some other less frequent definitions depending on context:

  • Not For Sure: When used in a conversation, NFS may indicate that the person is unsure or uncertain about something, like an event they were invited to or a plan that was made. 
  • No Filter Sunday/Squad/Story: On Instagram, NFS is linked to the hashtag SundayNoFilter, which highlights the idea of being true to yourself and showing your natural beauty instead of adhering to the stereotype of the accepted norms of beauty.
  • Need For Speed: In the gaming circles where the “Need for Speed” racing game franchise is used, NFS would mean the same video game series.

Besides these common uses, there might be more emerging ways of using NFS slang depending on them/ in terms/ based on the social circle and social networks they are engaged with. Generally, the meaning can be derived from contextual signs and the speaker’s intention. Several questions can help define a word specifically in a given conversation.

Using NFS on Social Media

NFS can be found across all these social media platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook. Here are some ways people employ the term NFS in their social posts and examples: Here are some ways people use the term NFS in their social posts and examples:


On Instagram stories or posts, a short abbreviation of the phrase Not Filtering Selfies GCause #NFS shows that the face selfie or photo is taken without any filters. On these kinds of “No Filter Sundays,” people often shower such comments.

Example: “Sunday posted a selfie with no filters. #NFS”.


On Snapchat stories, friends might “NFS” in their caption to imply that what they are snapping is not a joke; instead, they are being honest and sincere.

Example: “Guys, I’m stressed about this test NFS”


TikTok users looking to make new online friends may include “NFS” or “looking for new friends” in their bios or captions. 

Example: “Just moved to a new city, help a girl out and be my new friend! #NFS”


Marketplace sellers will list items as “NFS” if Not for sale.

Example: “Moving sale – everything must go! Except for this couch, which is NFS.”

By understanding terms like NFS commonly used across social media, people can better interpret posts and engage in online conversations. The examples show how context helps convey intended meanings on each platform.


Q: How do you pronounce NFS?

A: NFS is pronounced “en ef es” or saying each letter individually. It’s not an actual word.

Q: What’s the difference between NFS and NSFW?

A: NFS means “no funny shit,” while NSFW stands for “not safe for work” and is used to flag inappropriate content not suitable for all audiences.

Q: Can NFS mean other things, too?

A: NFS can also mean “not for sale” when used in online listings or refer to “new friends” when someone wants to meet new people. The meaning depends on the context.

Q: How else can I use NFS in texts?

A: You can use NFS at the start of a message to indicate your seriousness or add it when confirming or denying plans to communicate uncertainty. Just make sure the intent is evident from the context of the conversation.


Therefore, NFS is a proper slang word with multiple meanings, and readers will have no problem with this context. It can be “NSFW” to mean “No Funny Sh*t,” “NFS” to refer to marketplace context, or “NF” as a welcome phrase when you are looking for new friends. Furthermore, NFS can include ideas such as “No Filter Sunday.” Having learned slang from such authoritative sources, readers now have the correct portions of NFS understanding to interpret and contribute appropriately to digital communication.