Mistakes In Organising Teamwork Activities That Can Backfire!

As a school head, you have been organising teamwork activities for years. But why is it that you are not gaining any benefit from this activity? Well, as per the research, these are successful most of the time. And not just in schools, even in offices wherein there is a huge drift amongst the workers. So, with students who love fun and excitement, these should definitely work! However, if your events are not working, you should not stop organising them. There might be something that you are doing wrong, and so the endeavour is backfiring.

Ø  Beware of your mistakes in organising teamwork activities! 

Let’s sharpen your knowledge first! Are you even aware of what these teamwork activities are? These are the events or activities organised by the schools, coaches of the sports team and company heads. Such occasions call for joint efforts from the participants. The people involved reciprocate and coordinate in groups and understand each other’s nature and personalities. They even end up being better co-workers, students, and teammates than before. This improves the quality of their performance automatically. These activities can be simple ice-breaking games or philanthropy events or even virtual discussions for fun. The motive is basically to build team spirit and enhance participation and workflow. Now that you clearly understand these activities and their benefits, understand the mistakes you may commit while organising them. Even a minor glitch can turn the table over to the wrong side.

o Is someone inexperienced managing the events?

Have you even moved forward and researched the concept of teamwork activities? And you are still handling these events even though you don’t have any knowledge about them? Or have you handed over the matter to your inexperienced manager or some company who barely has the experience in this work? In this case, you know all your efforts are getting wasted. This critical matter should be only looked upon by an experienced and trained team like Odyssey Teams. The teamwork activities they organise are always entertaining and keep everyone glued in the groups to have wholesome fun.

o Not setting up a particular goal

You have to set a proper goal when organising such teamwork activities. Like, if you are looking for the better academic performance of the students, then these meetups will have some element of studies and knowledge in them. If you are looking for better extracurricular volunteering, then you should involve some fun and artwork. As per the goal, you are required to plan the activities and events. And that is how you can organise them to fulfil your target. Without these goals, everything would go haywire, and the results will definitely not be desirable.

o Not listening to the participants’ suggestions

The basic motive behind organising these teamwork activities is getting more active participation to increase confidence. But if you do not let them speak their minds and provide suggestions for the betterment of the event, then many people repel these activities. 

o Not keeping the meetings frequently

These teamwork activities are beneficial to instigate essential values like unity and better productivity. However, to achieve this, you have to gather them for some exciting stuff periodically. How are they going to benefit from these activities if they are organised once in six months? Well, they will probably drift apart once again, even forget the understanding they had before. You have to ensure that these activities are organised after a short gap so that people are eager to participate and enjoy the fun activities in these events. 

If you have been committing even one of these mistakes, then you have to improve a lot. It would also help if you did not plan any boring or monotonous stuff at these events. Keep planning different and unique ways to keep the participants entertained and ensure that it boosts the team spirit in them and help them evolve as better individuals.