Local link building strategies for SEO in 2021

Local SEO link building is essential for any company regardless of the type of its business operations. In particular, local link building might be of high value to businesses with retail points all over a certain location or region.

Proper local SEO link building strategies help improve the ranking of the website in a chosen area. It is also crucial to get proper local links to strengthen the authority of the website domain. Safari SEO Gold Coast suggest that link building accounts for roughly 45-50% of the SEO equation. That being said, it’s important to not that the factors that affect and impact rankings are always changing. The weighting that Google places on links vs. content is always changing.

The efficient local SEO link building might result in increased traffic. It may also bring more leads and potentially attract many more customers from the locality.

What is a local link building for SEO?

In fact, local SEO link building is very similar to the standard process of building links. There are many easy and effective link building strategies that you can also use for promoting your website locally.

There are many reasons for making local link building strategies. They help to get higher rankings in the search engine results list. However, the basis of implementing those is closely connected with your business goals and perspectives.

Even when your company operates internationally or nationwide, you might want to get local links for improving your website ranking in certain areas. If you have a small or medium business running exclusively in a definite area, discover how to get an advantage of the local link building. 

What are the local link building strategies?

As you are already doing link building in its regular form, you already know the idea of how to do that in general. Anyway, getting local links might be a bit different. Check out several strategies on how to get local links provided below. You may also consider and read his warnings about link building services as we know single mistake may bring down your current website ranking in search engines.

Creating a local landing page

As a rule, a website page reflects what products or services your business offers for consumers. However, you can move further by creating a dedicated landing page for the local target audience.

Here you may find awesome tips on how to create landing pages that may increase conversions.

When creating the content for the local landing page, keep in mind several things. First of all, mentioning appropriate geographical locations in the text is crucial. You also have to determine the limits of the area you are planning to operate in. In case your commercial operations take place only in one city, you should specify its name. It is also recommended to include other location-specific words.

Get local links

Once you have made a landing page for promoting your business locally, it is time to gain backlinks. One of the ways to do that is to obtain the best paid backlinks from other sources.

Gaining backlinks from authoritative domains will enhance your brand recognition and awareness. Meanwhile, the site’s traffic and ranking will be also improved. 

Contact local business

If you already know some local companies with authoritative website domains, reach out to them. Keep in mind that you have to discover some common ground between you and the enterprise you are going to contact.

When, for example, you support the idea of eco-friendly manufacturing and the company you are going to contact does so, then that is a good point to start from. Your cooperation might also transform into a partnership later on.

Contact local influencers

The power of social media platforms was once underestimated, but now those means are definitely gaining momentum. Many marketing managers see bloggers as credible as traditional media sources nowadays.

Before reaching out to the influencers, investigate the content on their pages. Also, pay attention to the audiences that those bloggers attract. It would help if you made sure that their audience intersects with your target audience.

Once you have decided to contact some local influencers, you should also prepare a good deal that they might be interested in. It might be either in the form of established payment or mutual benefits.

Strengthening relationships with stakeholders

Reinforcing your local link building is possible by involving your suppliers, customers, and partners. They would likely be happy to link to your website and also get a backlink from you.

Before making any arrangements with stakeholders, you have to make sure that all of them are also operating in the same area. It is crucial to verify that beforehand as sometimes it happens that suppliers may come from another locality.

Asking your customers for backlinks might be relevant when you are doing B2B operations. In that case, your consumers are likely to have their own social media profiles and commercial websites.

Discover what your competitors are doing

Unless you are operating in an exclusive niche industry, you will have plenty of competitors. Most of them are also informed about the power and potential of the local SEO link building.

You need to observe the websites and landing pages of the companies in your industry. Keep an eye on what they are doing and what local link building strategies appear fruitful for them. Think if those tactics are applicable to your business. Based on that, adjust your approach accordingly to achieve better results.