Learn Architectural Visualization With These 7 Online Courses

Is your child interested in the way buildings are designed? Are they keen on creating structures? Do they dream about becoming an architect someday? 

You can help them enhance their skills by enrolling them in an online course to learn architectural visualization.

Architectural visualization is a process of producing digital models of structures, buildings, and spaces using extensive modeling methods and architectural rendering processors.

Learning the fundamental skills in architecture is essential for your kids to have foundation knowledge. 

We have listed a few online courses to help your child learn about architectural visualization.

Pixels Academy’s 3D Architecture Visualization Course

This course will teach kids how to bring 2D architecture plans to life by generating realistic and believable 3D models and renderings from architectural 2D blueprints.

It combines high-end 3D art with architectural design and planning to generate lifelike and cutting-edge architectural visualization. Students will learn about the rendering features of V-ray — a photorealistic rendering software for visualization.

3D architectural visualization with 3Ds Max will introduce your child to all visualization principles and techniques, including:

  • 3D modeling from a CAD plan
  • Vray texturing
  • Interior lighting and rendering with Vray
  • Post-production in Photoshop

Udemy’s 3D Photorealistic Architectural Visualisation

Udemy has a free course for compositing architectural visualization. This course will teach your kids to work with render elements and create a composite photorealistic architectural visualization.

They will also learn different modeling techniques and a basic understanding of 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Vray.

Domestika’s 3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit Rendering Workflow

Autodesk’s Revit software and the BIM (Building Information Modelling) approach are the best partners in streamlining building processes and effectively developing designs.

In this course, your kid will learn how to design and model an orthogonal house and the many procedures involved in developing a 3D architecture project, such as using software, generating slides for presentations, and modeling all of your building’s features.

Architecture on Paper’s Rendering and Digital Collage for Architectural Displays course

Your kids will learn from the ground up how to construct visual representations of architectural areas in 3ds Max and Photoshop.

They will dig into the field of architectural visualization in this course. They will also produce compelling photographs demonstrating their architectural sensibilities using 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Architectural Visualisation With SketchUp And V-Ray Online Short Course by University of the Arts London

Sketchup offers a relatively low learning curve if your children have never used a 3D drawing tool. Using this tool, your kids will rapidly learn to visualize geometry.

Once your kids are comfortable with the fundamental sketching tools, they can discover far more complicated and detailed procedures and approaches for creating 3D stuff.

This course provides live online and face-to-face classes with the same course material. Lesson recordings are available for your child to study so they never miss a class. 

They will also have access to the virtual learning environment, which includes course content and support forums.

3D Architectural Visualization Basics by Piggyride Masterclass

Students will master architectural design principles and 3D architectural visualization in this course.

Throughout this masterclass, they will also learn about various tools, vegetation painting, volumetric lighting, grunge material, realistic 3D people, cinematic depth of field, and much more. They will be taught how to build real-life designs using 3D architectural visualization.

This course is ideal for beginners, but an intermediate-level class is also available. The intermediate class is perfect for more experienced students.

The course will teach students about:

  • Photorealistic architecture visualization
  • Architectural renderings
  • Various modeling approaches
  • HDRI lighting techniques
  • Experimenting with Photoshop

Software Academy’s Architectural Visualization Course for Kids

Software Academy offers an architecture visualization course for kids ages 9 to 16. Thus, the courses offered by Software Academy will be a fun learning experience for them.

London University lecturers created this course with professional tutorials. You can be confident that students will receive valuable industry knowledge and practical skills.

The assessment is based on coursework and is performed during class hours; no further exams are needed after the class.

In this course, your child will have the opportunity to learn:

  • 3D modeling
  • Texturing
  • Materials
  • Architectural Design
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Interactive Design
  • Real-time Rendering
  • Offline Rendering

They will learn to use Virtual Reality to generate realistic visualizations of their structures and surroundings. They’ll also use the same tools as professional architects worldwide: Unreal Engine 4 and 3DS Max.

Software Academy is NCFE accredited, so once your kids have completed the course, they will receive an accredited qualification. It is the only learning institution that offers this kind of qualification.

After the course, your kids can continue the subsequent classes and progress to a Level 2 certificate and Level 3 diploma.

Encourage Kids to Pursue Their Passion

Letting your kids learn new skills while having fun is one way to let them discover their passion and develop their abilities. It will help them build lifetime goals and plan for their future.These online courses are helpful for your future architects. You can get a free trial online class for your kids before deciding to enroll them.