KissCartoon and the Best 2023 Alternatives for Free Cartoon Streaming


In the world of online cartoon streaming, KissCartoon has been a popular choice. Despite being controversial due to its legal issues, it remained a primary source for high-quality, free online cartoons until it was shut down in 2017. Nevertheless, several KissCartoon alternatives have emerged, offering similar services and filling the void left behind.

What Was KissCartoon?

KissCartoon was a free online platform known for offering a wide array of cartoons and animated series in high-quality format. Despite facing legal scrutiny due to copyright violations and undergoing various changes in domain names, it remained a beloved platform for cartoon enthusiasts.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

Due to copyright issues, Kiss Cartoon was considered illegal. It’s crucial for users to know that streaming copyrighted content without permission is against the law in many jurisdictions.

The Fall of KissCartoon

In 2017, the original KissCartoon website was shut down due to legal troubles. Since then, numerous fake and mirror websites have popped up, some of which can be potentially harmful due to malware or other security risks. It is highly recommended to use a trusted VPN service when accessing these sites.

2023’s Top Kiss Cartoon Alternatives

Even though KissCartoon was shut down, the place that it left in the world of free online viewing cartoons and anime didn’t last long. Multiple alternatives have sprung up, each providing a unique set of features catering to different viewer preferences. Here are the 20 best alternatives and mirrors of Kiss Cartoon that you can check out in 2023:

KissCartoon and the Best 2023 Alternatives
KissCartoon and the Best 2023 Alternatives
  1. 4Anime: An extensive collection of high-quality anime, free for streaming.
  2. KissAnime: Offers a wide variety of anime content, ranging from TV series to movies.
  3. CartoonExtra: Enjoy popular cartoons and comic strips on this user-friendly platform.
  4. AnimeToon: From Naruto to Pokemon, find dubbed and subbed episodes of all your favorite anime series here.
  5. KimCartoon: Provides the latest episodes of popular cartoons and filtered content based on specific timeframes.
  6. Gogoanime: Dive into the world of dubbed anime and Chinese animation on this platform.
  7. 9Anime: Offering a vast collection of anime series and movies in HD quality.
  8. Chia-Anime: Variety is the spice of life, and Chia-Anime brings you just that with its diverse collection of anime.
  9. CartoonsOn: A treasure trove of popular cartoons, all under one roof.
  10. AniWatch: A community-driven site offering a massive array of cartoons and anime.
  11. WatchCartoonOnline: Perfect for cartoon streaming on all devices.
  12. Crunchyroll: Offers manga, dubbed, and subbed videos, with premium features accessible after registration.
  13. Anilinkz: Stay updated with the latest cartoon titles on their homepage.
  14. CartoonCrazy: A lightweight platform with an exhaustive list of anime content.
  15. B98.TV: This site lets you step back in time and relive your childhood with classic cartoons.
  16. AnimeLab: Delivers fantastic shows from Japan with superior video quality.
  17. Justdubs: Featuring a wide variety of dubbed anime content.
  18. ToonGet: User-friendly with a surprise feature for content suggestions.
  19. AnimePlanet: A comprehensive platform for all anime and manga content.
  20. WatchAnimeDub: Browse through a broad array of recent releases, dubbed/subbed content, and cartoon movies.

Using a VPN for Safe Streaming

To maintain privacy and avoid potential risks, using a VPN service when streaming content online is highly recommended. Top recommended VPNs for streaming include ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN.


While KissCartoon might be gone, the spirit of free and easily accessible animated content lives on. These KissCartoon alternatives offer you various ways to enjoy your favorite cartoons and anime series. They say variety is the spice of life, and with this list of options, your cartoon and anime viewing experience is bound to be exciting.

As always, remember to tread carefully on these websites. Use reliable VPNs to protect your data and device. Happy streaming!


Is KissCartoon legal?

No, it was hosting material without a license, which was against the law.

Is KissCartoon safe?

The site had numerous pop-up ads and redirected pages that might contain harmful elements, posing risks to safety.

What are some recommended VPNs for streaming anime on these platforms?

NordVPN, Express VPN, and Norton Secure VPN are popular choices.

What is the best KissCartoon alternative?

It depends on individual preferences, but 4Anime and KissAnime are popular choices among viewers.

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