Internet Chicks: Unveiling the Top 9 Instagram Queens of 2024

With more than 1.4 billion monthly users worldwide, Instagram is among today’s most widely used social media networks. Many influential people have created huge fan followings by sharing their passions and lifestyles on Instagram. They are dubbed “Internet Chicks” – inspiring women to make a strong impact through their creativity, empowerment, and personalities. 

This article will highlight 9 Internet Chicks among the most searched on Instagram this year. Their authentic content and brand collaborations have shown how one can nurture thriving careers online while promoting essential causes. Their huge success inspires many and shapes trends followed widely.

Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

 Selena Gomez is one of the biggest pop stars today. In addition to her successes as a singer and actress, she uses social media to help many people. She is the most followed lady on Instagram, with over 400 million followers. Through her posts, she engages with followers throughout the globe by sharing music, movie roles, and details about her personal life.

Beyond only providing entertainment, Selena is devoted to supporting people during difficult times. Anxiety and sadness are common problems that many individuals deal with daily. To lessen stigma, Selena boldly shares her personal experiences. She wants others to realize they are not alone if they are feeling afraid or alone. Selena also supports groups working for good causes. She is an ambassador helping children through UNICEF. She brings people together through her music to encourage treatments for all with her VAX Live show.

Selena’s openness about her struggles and kindness towards others makes her an inspiration. Though famous, she understands ordinary problems, too. She uses her fame to remind people they have value and do not need to face hard times alone. Selena Gomez gives hope to many worldwide with her creative talents and caring heart.

Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

 Kylie Jenner is known worldwide for her appearances on reality television with her family. She grew up in the spotlight and now uses social media to share her glamorous lifestyle. She has over 365 million Instagram followers, getting glimpses into her everyday life.

But Kylie is not just well-known; she is also an incredibly prosperous businesswoman. In 2015, she launched Kylie Cosmetics, which quickly became a billion-dollar brand thanks to her huge online influence. Through eye-catching photos of herself wearing the products, Kylie persuaded millions of fans to try her lip kits and kits. She promotes new launches and allows fans to win prizes in contests.

Kylie works hard to keep customers engaged on social media through behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram. This gives them more reasons to support her expanding brand. Now aged 25, she successfully juggles being a new mom with running her flourishing cosmetics empire. Young people everywhere admire Kylie as a role model for her confidence and entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age. Her success inspires many to follow their business dreams, too.

Beyoncé (@beyonce)

 Beyoncé is one of the best-selling and most acclaimed musicians of all time. As the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, she became a global superstar with hits like “Independent Women.” As a solo artist, she has won over 20 Grammys with albums like “Lemonade.”

Beyond music, Beyoncé is a role model for many as an empowering voice through her art and activism. On Instagram, her posts give fans glimpses of her creative process and inspire many. She celebrates her roots through her visual albums highlighting Black history and culture.

Always staying true to herself, Beyoncé runs successful businesses like her Ivy Park line. She also backs charities through her BeyGOOD program. During the BLM protests in 2020, she donated $1 million from her documentary “Black Is King” to support Black-owned small businesses. Beyoncé continues empowering communities worldwide with her influential voice and generous spirit.

Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner comes from a famous family and rose to prominence as a cast member of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While pursuing modeling from a young age, Kendall walked runways for top designers and has been featured on the covers of various magazines.

She is now one of the highest-paid models globally, thanks to high-profile campaigns with brands like Adidas and Victoria’s Secret. On Instagram and Internet chicks, Kendall gives her fans glimpses into her jet-setting life through photoshoots worldwide. Her followers get inspired by her chic style and fashionable outfits.

Aside from modeling, Kendall is also a savvy businesswoman. She introduced her clothing line called Kendall + Kylie with her sister Kylie. The range offered affordable styles for young consumers inspired by Kendall’s signature looks. More recently, Kendall co-founded 818 Tequila, which pays homage to her California roots and has gained much popularity globally.

Through hard work and talent, Kendall has cemented herself as a superstar in the public eye and fashion industry. She continues influencing youth culture with her modeling gigs and lifestyle business ventures on Instagram.

Billie Eilish (@billieeilish)

Billie Eilish has become a global superstar at a young age due to her incredible gifts and passion for meaningful change. Through her soulful singing and songwriting talent, this artist broke barriers in the music world, winning many accolades.

Billie connects deeply with her millions of fans, letting them into her creative process through Instagram photos. She spreads body positivity, advocating for natural beauty regardless of size or shape, boosting the self-esteem of many struggling. Billie also inspires by openly discussing her experiences with mental health issues.

Beyond her chart-topping songs, Billie actively advocates for environmental protection against climate change through her YouTube documentary. She donated proceeds from her concert clothing to support tree planting and ocean cleanups. Billie’s authenticity and care for society’s pressing issues resonates strongly with today’s thoughtful youth worldwide. Her achievements prove one can make a difference by following one’s dreams and standing up for worthy causes.

Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress known for her powerful vocals and catchy pop songs. As a child, she began acting in Broadway musicals and released her debut album, Yours Truly, in 2013.

She has achieved immense success as a pop star, having many hit songs on the charts, including “Thank U, Next,” “7 Rings”, and “Positions.” Grande has earned several Grammy and American Music Awards. She also appeared in the television series Sam & Cat and the film Hairspray Live!

Grande shares videos and photos from her music projects, tours, and personal life with 324 million followers on Instagram. She posts about new albums to generate hype and promotes singles through clips of her performances.

Grande actively participates in a number of charity endeavors. She supported reforming gun laws and voter registration. She planned the One Love Manchester charity event to help victims following the explosion at her show at the Manchester Arena.

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter known for penning honest, emotional lyrics. Discovered writing country music in Nashville at a young age, she has evolved into a mainstream pop star.

Swift is the first solo artist in history to have sold over a million copies of each of her four albums in a single week in the US. She is among the best-selling musicians of all time and has received 11 Grammy Awards.

On Instagram, Swift shares moments from her life, music videos, and tour announcements with 241 million followers. Fans enjoy following her journey and finding clues about her upcoming work.

Swift advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, voting registration, and gun control reform. She has donated millions to charity, especially for natural disaster relief and the pandemic. She inspires people worldwide with her songwriting and philanthropy.

Louise Pentland (@louisepentland)

Louise Pentland is a British author, YouTuber, and mother of two from Essex, England. She began her career as a beauty and fashion blogger.

Pentland has found great success as a lifestyle influencer through her YouTube channel, with over 2.3 million subscribers and 3.9 million followers on Instagram. She has written several books providing tips for parenting and everyday life.

On Instagram, Pentland shares snippets of her everyday routine with her family, fashion inspiration photos, and relatable anecdotes from raising her children that resonate with many mothers.

Pentland actively advocates for gender equality through initiatives like #ShareTheLove. She has partnered with UNICEF UK to raise funds supporting education programs for girls globally. Her authentic storytelling inspires women worldwide.

Zendaya (@zendaya)

Zendaya is an American actress, singer, and fashion icon best known for starring in the HBO series Euphoria. She began her career as a Disney Channel star.

For her roles in movies like Dune, The Greatest Showman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya has received high praise from critics. She is the youngest female Emmy winner for Lead Actress in a Dramatic Series.

On Instagram, Zendaya gives fans glimpses into her world with stylish photos from photoshoots, red-carpet appearances, and tours. She promotes inclusion with pictures of diverse fashion and empowers young women.

Zendaya is committed to representation through her varied roles. She advocates for causes like Black Lives Matter and gender equality. Through her success, she inspires young people worldwide to embrace their uniqueness.


What is an Internet Chick?

An Internet Chick refers to an inspiring woman who has built a massive following on Instagram by sharing her passions and lifestyle. She is influential in various industries like fashion, beauty, music, etc.

What do these women post on Instagram?

They share glimpses of their personal and professional lives through photos and videos. This includes fashion, music, movies, families, businesses, and causes they support. They aim to engage and inspire their large fan bases.

Why are they so popular?

These women are gorgeous activists, prosperous businesswomen, and gifted artists. Their genuine sharing of their interests and lifestyles connects with millions of admirers worldwide. They have thought-provoking and exciting stuff.

What businesses or causes do they support?

Many have successful brands like Fenty, Kylie Cosmetics, and Rare Beauty. They also back social issues like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, and body positivity through their platforms. This makes them role models and drivers of positive change.

What can we learn from them?

One can learn to embrace one’s uniqueness, work hard on one’s craft, and use their influence responsibly. Their journey also shows how perseverance, authenticity, and engaging audiences via visual content help achieve immense success on social media.


This marks the end of our feature on the top 9 Internet Chicks dominating Instagram in 2024. These women showcase their versatile talents, from music, fashion, modeling, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and more. They continue to break boundaries and inspire millions worldwide through their authenticity, creativity, and advocacy for important causes. Although social media trends are ever-changing, the impact of these queens is sure to resonate for many years to come. We appreciate you learning about their incredible journeys and accomplishments.