How to Install Webroot on Windows 10?

install webroot on windows 10

Webroot is one of the best antivirus software that you can use to protect your computer. It provides security from online threats, malware and spyware, and virus. You can buy it from webroot official website or from the geek squad stores. Because now webroot is a part of geek squad. Webroot is available for both Windows and Mac computer. If you want to install Webroot on Windows 10 PC, then read the blog.

Webroot Support: 1-888-272-9xxx

If you are looking to install webroot secure anywhere then you should have the webroot keycode. Which you need to enter after installation to avail the full services. When you buy webroot antivirus, you will get a keycode or you can say license key.

Install Webroot Secureanywhere with Keycode

If you have a valid webroot keycode, then follow the given steps of webroot installation on windows 10 pc. Follow the procedure step by step.

  1. Open any web browser
  2. Visit Webroot  official website
  3. Select your product and download the installation files named as “wsainstall.exe
  4. After the download gets completed, the installation file will be automatically downloaded on your device.
  5. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen steps to install webroot antivirus.
  6. When installation finished, Just enter your 20-digits webroot keycode to fully activate webroot antivirus.
  7. Now follow the on-screen instructions to install Webroot completely.

Why webroot is not installing on my PC?

There are a number of the reason for webroot antivirus installation failure. Some of the main reason is the presence of virus or malware, system requirements don’t meet or corrupt installation file. Sometimes, the user is unable to install webroot antivirus on windows 10 due to corrupt installation files. That may be damaged while downloading. Or it may be damaged by the virus or malware present on your PC.

Virus or malware present on the pc blocked the installation of antivirus software. Or Corrupt installation file. So, you need to first check for the issue.

Sometimes, the user is unable to install webroot on windows 10, because the system doesn’t meet the basic requirement to install webroot secure anywhere antivirus software. So, you need to check the system requirement before purchase. Or try to update the drivers or windows that can first the problem.

Webroot Antivirus Support

If you have followed all the steps and still facing the problem then you can contact webroot support. This is one of the support for antivirus which is offered by geek squad technical support agency. Geeks Squad is one of the best technical support agency present in the USA. If you are facing any kind of problem with Webroot antivirus then you can contact Webroot support. The technician is available 24/7 to help for customer with the best available solution.

Webroot support is 24/7 open to help their technician. If you caught any kind of issue while installation, uninstallation or while opening. Then you can contact Webroot customer service. The common issues are listed below:

  1. Webroot Stuck while scanning
  2. Webroot antivirus not opening
  3. Keycode for Webroot is expired
  4. Webroot Red icon
  5. Webroot Not Scanning

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