Improve Your Team’s Productivity With the Best Email Service

Improve Your Team’s Productivity With the Best Email Service

There are many benefits to using email in the workplace, the first of which is the productivity you might see from doing so. Email helps employees to stay connected and adds some versatility and availability. But you don’t want to just choose any email service. In all actuality, you want to be sure to choose a service that is really going to meet your needs. 

In this guide, we share tips to help you find a quality email service as well as the benefits of using a great email service. 

Choosing the Best Email Service

When you’re looking for an email service, it’s important to look closely at the details before you settle on just one service. You don’t have to spend a lot of money investing in email or webmail, either. In fact, options like Spike offer free webmail solutions that are perfect for integrating with a team. You can even integrate existing email accounts into this platform. 

Web-based solutions like this give you the chance to access your email when and where you need to, collaborate as a team, and customize your email in many ways. Aside from choosing a free or affordable service, there are some other details you may want to consider. 

Ultimately, this will depend on your preferences, but here are a few common characteristics that appeal in most business settings. 

  • Calendar
  • Group chat capability
  • Web-based access
  • Customization
  • Integration of existing email accounts
  • Collaboration tools
  • Storage space
  • Security
  • Attachment settings (if large files are needed)

The ability to customize and have quick access to tools you need will be a big part of your decision. 

Benefits of Email Service for Productivity

Now that you know ways you can look for a great email service and things to watch for, let’s take a look at some of the benefits. Your team and your work productivity will likely see improvements when you have a quality email service. Here are a few reasons why. 

Quick Connections

When your entire team is operating under the same webmail service, they have quicker access to each other. Whether your team is spread out across the globe or simply separated in the office, email services make being able to communicate and collaborate from anywhere so much simpler. 

It’s really cool because you can send an email, and your teammates will get an instant notification. From there, they can respond at their convenience or check back in with you right away. You can ascertain from the email whether a phone call or video chat needs to be had. 

Additional Tools

Email services often have a lot of added tools that can also improve your team’s productivity. These tools are beneficial because they give you something extra. You see, you’re not just getting basic email from the service. Instead, you’re getting email that is improved upon with a whole host of other tools that your team can put to work. 

Those exact tools and features are going to vary from company to company. However, they all have tools and additions of some sort. Things like group chat and calendars are almost standard practice among different email providers. 

Some companies also provide video conferencing as well as organization and convenience tools that will be a huge help. If they have digital storage, this can also be a huge help when it comes to sharing documents and files with your team when you aren’t all in one place. 

Sometimes it is the additional tools that really make the webmail worth your time. 

Task Collaboration

When you work together through a team webmail service, you have the ability to integrate and collaborate in a far more efficient way. When you create a task or an event, you can immediately tag or notify other people that might need to be involved or aware. Collaborating on tasks and being able to track where the process is can greatly improve productivity.

This is the ultimate way for your team to work together no matter where they are located or where they are in a workflow. The task collaboration and ability to tag or share notes and questions allow you to better streamline those tasks and workflows for better efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

Email services aren’t just about being able to send emails. Instead, they are inclusive platforms that provide a wide variety of tools for your team. Those tools and the ability to connect emails to a specific platform greatly enhances productivity for any team. Give your team the gift of staying connected and collaborating with ease thanks to email services like these.