I can’t install Discord, how to fix it

I can’t install Discord. Discord installation failed, how to fix. Discord installation failed. Are you experiencing problems while trying to use Discord on your Windows 10 PC? If the program no longer works or if you cannot install it on your Windows 10 operating system, don’t worry because we have perfect alternative solutions for you.

These steps given below will help you resolve the discord errors. That may appear while installing discord on your Pc, Mac or iPhone. So, you can use discord online chat software on Pc, Mac, or smartphone once again.

Discord crashes during installation for no apparent reason, although problems are usually related to damaged files. A Windows 10 update can ruin everything or a new program installed on your computer can interfere with Discord. Sometimes, the Antivirus Firewall Creates a problem during the discord installation process.

Usually, when Discord doesn’t work, users decide to reinstall the software. Well, if you try to do it, you will most likely notice that the installation process will fail from time to time. And this can be solved by following the steps below.

I can’t install Discord, how to fix it

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How can I solve Discord installation problems in Windows 10?

First, uninstall Discord from your device:

  1. Access Task Manager on your Windows 10 system: press  Ctrl + Alt + Del and choose Task Manager.
  2. Under  Processes,  find items that may be related to Discord.
  3. End these Discord processes from Task Manager.
  4. Optional: open  Control Panel – right-click on the Windows Start logo and click Control Panel. In the Control Panel go to the Category tab and under Programs click on Uninstall. Find Discord and right-click on it to remove the discord form your device.

Remove the files still left on your device:

  • Press the keyboard shortcut keys  Win + R.
  • The Run dialog displayed.
  • Inside Run, type  % appdata%  and press Enter.
  • From the path that will open, delete the % AppData% / Discord and  % LocalAppData% / Discord folders .
  • Restart your computer eventually.
  • That’s all; you should be able to reinstall Discord on your Windows 10 system without any problems now.

If the installation process still does not work, try installing Discord manually: go to the% LocalAppData% / Discord folder and run the updated app as administrator. Then, run the Discord app as an administrator, and set compatibility mode on Windows 8.

After this, it will be possible to use Discord without experiencing any further problems.