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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to mac?

Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac is done in one of the following ways. Whichever best suits your mac try that one. Before we see how to transfer photos from iPhone to mac let us see how to store them and before storing what measure is to be taken. We all know the mac has higher storage capacity than iPhones that means storage is not more so we need to only keep limited and important pics and remove the unwanted ones. So, before starting you will have to take an app and clean the unwanted pics which are about some gigabytes.

Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

The methods are given below. Let us see the method by method process.

Method 1: Move Photos & Other Content with Any Trans

The first method is to move photos and other content with any trans. Generally, for us, iCloud and Photos are obvious choices for image transfer. But just to be more precise without any faults if you want to transfer all content from your iPhone without having to wait forever, and back it up at the same time, a third-party utility like “Any Trans” for iOS makes much more sense.

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A combination of a backup tool and media downloader, “Any Trans” helps you migrate content.

After the photos transfer scans your Mac and iPhone to avoid any problem.

Method 2: Import Photos to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

This should be used when you running short of time as this is the quickest method. For this, you will have to plug the Lightning-to-USB cable and remember to use to charge the iPhone into one of your Mac’s USB ports. When an iPhone is connected, the macOS Photos app automatically opens and suggests importing your photos. For this,  

After this is complete, you can ask Photos to automatically delete the pics on your iPhone, giving you space to start again and take even more pictures.

Method 3: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac using iCloud

For this, you will need to have an icloud library. To set up iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, follow these steps:

All your photos are moved to the icloud photo library. These are the ways to transfer photos from iPhone to mac.

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