How to track someone’s location by cell phone number?

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I am sure you may want to know the secret about how to track someone by his/ her phone number. And to be honest, I am going to share the truth with you here. But first, let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought that you can track someone by his/ her phone number? And if you have, then how do you think you can do that? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. You can track someone by his/ her phone number. And I will show you how you can do that.

In this era of technology and smart devices, we can connect to anyone, anywhere. We can easily call our relatives and friends, send them a text message or email, or anything we want. This is all possible due to the technology we have developed and adopted. One of the most important areas of communication is the telephone. Mobile phones have made our lives so easy.

We can connect to anyone, anytime, and from any place. But not everyone knows that there are many things you can do with your mobile phone apart from talking.

Phone tracking has been an essential part of our daily lives for many years now. Most of us have a basic understanding of how phone tracking works, but there are always people who are new to this concept.

Here is a blog that explains the concept of phone tracking using a common example.

How can I track someone by his/ her phone number?

The best way to track someone by phone number is to use the True caller app. it is currently the top app and website, which can be used to track someone by their phone number.

True caller is used by more than 160 million people all over the world. The app is packed with many unique features like-

Caller id, spam blocking, call recording, blacklisting, etc. The app also helps you to identify unknown numbers and gives you detailed information about the caller.

Why would you need to track someone?

If you need to find out who someone is, all you need is their phone number, right? Wrong. It turns out that there are many reasons why one might need to track and find out someone’s real identity.

The main reason is security. For example, if you’re a victim of harassment or stalking, you might need to know the identity of the person harassing you.

If you’re a business and have a customer trying to scam you or steal from you, you might need to find out who he/ she is. If you’re an employer and you have a dishonest employee who is stealing from you, you might need to find out who he/ she is.

In some cases, people have hidden the information about themselves so well that even Facebook or LinkedIn do not have the information. All is not lost though when you have their phone number.

Use IMEI and IMSI tracker

  • IMEI (international mobile equipment identification) Tracker– Mobile operators in the UK are using a new technology that allows them to identify mobile devices uniquely in GSM networks. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) can also be found on SIM card packaging or printed on the inside of a mobile phone, according to the company behind it. 
  • IMSI (international mobile subscriber identification) – In GSM (global system for mobile) networks, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) allows subscribers to be identified uniquely. On your operator’s website, you can find this information as well.

 Find someone by mobile locator device  

If you want to find someone by using their mobile phone number, it is a great idea to use a cell phone tracker. By using this simple software, you can easily track any phone number you want to track. This software is very easy to use. You can use it to track any cell phone in the world. This software is very useful to find someone. If you want to find someone, you can use this software. This software will give you a lot of benefits.

Below is a list of some traction devices that you can use for tracking phones.

  • Cocospy.
  • mSpy.
  • uMobix.
  • Mobilespy. at.
  • GEOfinder.
  • Hoverwatch.
  • XNSPY.
  • FlexiSPY 

Find a person by his/her phone number using Google.

If you want to track someone by his/ her phone number, there are a variety of apps you can download to your phone and computer. Your phone can track your location on Google My Tracks, but an app like Spyzie will allow you to see who the phone is calling and texting, view call logs, and block unwanted numbers.

There are also computer programs that can track your location and show you on a map when you were at a certain place. One such program is called Google Earth. By using Google Earth, you can pinpoint a location and find out who is at that location. You can even download it to your phone and set it up to send you alerts if the phone is moving at a high rate of speed. 

Perform a reverse cell phone search using Facebook?

As you probably know, you can use a Facebook search to find people by their email addresses. For example, if you want to find someone by their email address, you just have to type the email address into the Facebook search bar, and Facebook will show you who you are friends with that has that email address.

But what if you have the phone number instead of the email address? Can you find the person that way? According to this viral post on Facebook, you can. All you would have to do is type the phone number into the Facebook search bar, and Facebook will show you who you are friends with that has that phone number.

So how does it work? The post claims that Facebook can do this because it has all of your friends’ phone numbers in the database. It then says that the reverse search works best if you are friends with one of the people that have the phone number you are searching for.

Track someone by phone number using spy software.

Spy software can also be used to track current location track and document activity. The registered owner is generally the one who downloads the Spy application for cell phones. After downloaded, they provide access to data that might otherwise be unavailable. Cell phone spies record everything that happens on a phone, including text messages, emails, websites visited, and much more.

Surveillance programs sometimes can recover lost texts or chats, even if they have been deleted, because they are kept in another data file. Mobile phone spy applications are frequently invisible. Only if the mobile user accessed their system information or used an application to identify malware on their phone would they notice. There is no proof that the phone has been hacked in any other way.

Final Closer

We are currently living in the 21st century and with the advancements in technology, it is easy to track someone’s location. It has been made easy especially with the introduction of mobile phones, which in turn makes it easier to track the location of a person who owns a mobile phone. People are using mobile phones these days to communicate with one another and this, in turn, has made it easier to track a person’s location.