How to Take Your Social Media Lead Generation Game to The Next Level

If you want to generate sales leads, then leveraging social media is one of the best ways to go about it thanks to the variety of benefits that it offers in comparison with traditional methods.

Of course it is not simply a case of visiting your platform of choice and blindly attempting to pick out suitable prospects; you need to strategize carefully and consider your next steps logically.

There are a multitude of avenues to explore if you feel that your social media lead general abilities are lacking, so here are just a few tips to take onboard this year.Social Media for lead

Use the right tools

Lead generation sounds like an exciting and dynamic process, but in reality it can involve a lot of time-consuming admin and repetitive manual tasks, especially in a social media context.

Modern social media management software is more than capable of catalyzing and automating a wide variety of processes, such as delving into the data and determining what your prospects are talking about so that you can sniff out leads that might otherwise be impossible to spot.

Cutting edge tools like this are not only capable of bringing you up-to-the-minute insights, but also of freeing up your time and attention so that you can focus on the more interesting and fulfilling aspects of lead generation and social media marketing in general.

Remember to optimize for organic lead generation

While you might be eager to get out there and generate leads proactively, it is sensible to remember that your social media presence can also be a good way of encouraging organic interactions that are initiated by prospective customers.

When people stumble on or seek out the branded accounts you are managing, you need to make sure they are optimally adjusted to give new arrivals what they need and hopefully convince them to convert. This includes providing contact info in a logical, clean layout, as well as adding links to relevant pages alongside concise information about what it is that the brand does, to avoid confusion.

This will also help you to channel customers towards a particular means of communication; for example, if you would rather that they got in touch via email as opposed to through a direct message on the platform in question, you can encourage this behavior with a well optimized profile.

Don’t overlook your content quality

The phrase ‘content is king’ could be seen as one of the most overused terms in digital marketing, and yet it still crops up because of how relevant it remains, particularly in the social sphere.

When it comes to lead generation, you definitely need to be considering your content strategy as part of the same process, since unless your posts are able to secure and retain the attention of your target audience, gaining traction will be impossible.

Having clickable content is all well and good, but you also need to ensure that it is actually related to the products, services and overall ethos of your brand. Be discerning rather than all-encompassing with your content strategy to get the best results.

Make landing pages more intuitive

While the lead generation journey may start on social media, it will ideally end up on your own landing page, and getting people to click through is just half the challenge.

Pay particular attention to the user-friendliness of every landing page and test it out to see if there are any flaws that need fixing.

Also remember that visitors that click through from social media may have different expectations to those who have arrived from a search engine or other source, so having a separate landing page could be sensible.