How to set up My Arlo Account?

Arlo wire-free cameras are the first and only smartphone system. It has a crystal-clear HD video and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is easy to use and easy to install. Installation is very similar to connecting other devices but in case of the phone, you need to download an Arlo app from play store or apps, while in the computer download the app from Microsoft store. For setup, you need to login Arlo account.

Setup Arlo Camera

Steps to set up an Arlo account

  •  Download the Arlo app.
  • Open the app and create a new account.
setup arlo account
  • When you open as a new user it will ask you and just follow the instructions.
login arlo account
  • Now, follow the simple steps to add your device.
create arlo account
  • Choose your device and then move on to the setup process.
setup arlo camera
  • Sync your camera to your account
setup arlo camera to phone
  • Connect your camera online and click on the button provided on the camera.
  • You get a chirm sound and blue light glows on the camera front.
  • Now, scan the bar code shown on the phone through the blue light.
install arlo camera on iphone
  • You will hear a happy charm and when the camera is successfully connected.
  • Now, the camera is added
arlo login

These are the steps to set up the Arlo account on the mobile phone.

Now in the computer how to login Arlo account.

Download Arlo App for Windows :

  • Open internet browser
  • Go to from search engine
  • As done above, download the app
  • Open the app and click on create account
  • Fill in the basic details asked by the app
  • Click next, remember to create a strong password.

After your Arlo account is created, it stores all the videos which can watch or check when you are free.

Face Problem While Login

Steps to login Arlo Account:

  • Open the app or else you can visit the official
  • Login through a web portal
  • Enter the email and password
  • Now click the “login” button

Note: In mac download the Arlo from the apple store. In windows generally from Microsoft store. If it is 7 or older versions from the internet browser. In the Android phone download Arlo from the play store o app store.

Download Arlo App For MAC:

  • Go to the app store
  • Download the “NOX app player”, follow step by step instructions to install it.
  • Go to the NOX player homepage and select the “ google folder” and click “play store”.
  • Enter your Google account details and login
  • Type “ Arlo” in search, find the app, press install
  • Finish the installation process and open the app.
  • Follow instructions and create your account and login.

There might be issues which cause the website not to  open:

  1. Sometimes the browser may not be compatible with the operating system. For Arlo, it requires Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher, Google Chrome, Safari 3.
  2. If the above one is perfect, then clear all the cache and cookies by navigating into browser settings.
  3. Due to corrupt browsers, things may not go well for this reopen the browser window.
  4. A power cycle of the computer needs to be under check.
  5. Retry Arlo Account Login.
  6. Check Wifi settings.
  7. Check password and email address correctly

 These are the tiny hacks because your problem of not opening the Arlo account is solved.

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