The New York Times Crossword Puzzle: The “How to Save a Life” Band Clue Solved!


Crossword puzzles are far more than a way to kill time on a lazy Sunday. They’re brain boosters, vocabulary expanders, and a fun challenge that millions indulge in every day. One of the most prominent and sought-after puzzles comes from The New York Times (NYT). This article aims to unravel a particular clue that puzzled many: “How to Save a Life” band, with “The.”

"How to Save a Life" Band with The NYT Crossword
“How to Save a Life” Band with The NYT Crossword

Crossword puzzles come in various shapes and sizes, each with its unique style and degree of difficulty. One of the most celebrated and respected daily crosswords is the one produced by The New York Times. Known for its clever and often tricky clues, the NYT crossword puzzle is renowned globally for its quality and the mental stimulation it offers to its solvers.

Understanding the Puzzle: NYT Crossword Clue “How to Save a Life” Band, with “The”

This clue caused some head-scratching among crossword enthusiasts. The answer, however, is straightforward: “FRAY.” The band referred to is “The Fray,” a popular American rock band known for their hit song “How to Save a Life.”

Formed in Denver, Colorado, in 2002, The Fray shot to fame with their debut album, “How to Save a Life,” in 2005. The song of the same name has since resonated with audiences worldwide, earning its place in popular culture and, of course, the NYT crossword puzzle.

The Tools of the Trade: Online Resources for Solving Crossword Puzzles

Sometimes, even the most seasoned crossword solvers need a little help. Here are a handful of online resources that provide solutions and guidance:

  • Daze Puzzle
  • Gamer Journalist
  • Qunb
  • Try Hard Guides
  • The Games Cabin
  • TechStory
  • Levels Answers
  • Tamilan Jobs
  • Fresherslive
  • NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today
  • Crossword Tracker

From these resources, crossword enthusiasts can gain valuable insights and solutions to tackle those particularly challenging clues.

Embracing the Music: Exploring Other Artists

In the journey to solve the “how to save a life band nyt” band clue, some might come across news articles or information about other musicians such as Jelly Roll, Tina Turner, and Billy Corgan. Delving deeper into the world of music while solving crossword puzzles is just one example of the exciting intersections between pop culture and the mental challenge of a good crossword.


So, there you have it: the “How to Save a Life” band, with “The,” from the NYT crossword puzzle is “The Fray.” The next time you come across a NYT crossword puzzle that mentions a band associated with a song about life-saving, you’ll know the answer straight away!

Remember, crossword puzzles are not just games; they’re tools for learning, brain exercise, and an entertaining way to spend your time. The satisfaction derived from solving a particularly tough clue is a joy in itself. So, keep solving, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep enjoying the world of crosswords!

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