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How to reinstall Mac Operating system?

Mac operating system is very important for Mac to work. This is the default inbuilt by the manufacturer when purchased. Reinstall MAC operating system is simple and you have two methods to go with so, whichever suits you choose:

One of them installed from Apple using the internet or you can install it from the recovery partition included on the hard drive or flash storage of every Mac. Don’t worry it will keep all your files and user settings intact.

Firstly, check whether you are connected to the internet.

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Now, on your mac choose the Apple menu and then click Restart.

Then, choose any one of the convenient methods for the job.

Select the Reinstall Operating System.

Now, click continue. You will have to follow the onscreen instructions and click finish at the end.

There is another method of recovery for reinstalling the Mac Operating system. Depending upon your required version.

If you don’t want to have updates then click Command + R

To install the latest version installed on your Mac Option Command R – this will upgrade you to the latest macOS compatible with your Mac for the latest version.

Shift Option Command R  will install the version of macOS that came with your Mac, or the one closest to it that is still available.

Now, let us see how to reinstall the Mac Operating system without disc usage.

Reinstall the Mac Operating system without disc usage

Before going with the reinstallation, check if your mac is completely charged and is enough for the entire process. Also, check if your Mac is connected to the internet throughout the process.

This is the method for Reinstalling the Mac Operating system without the usage of the disc.

Now, let us see how to install the Mac Operating system high sierra.

Firstly, this is the extended feature of Apple in the Mac operating system which offers new features such as apple file settings, new features in photos, videos and many more apps updated versions.

So, this is an amazing feature and let us follow how to reinstall Mac Operating system high sierra.

Steps To Reinstall Mac Operating System High Sierra

Now, you have reinstalled the Mac operating system high sierra.

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