How To Prepare A Magazine For Print

Magazine DesignPreparing a magazine can be a daunting procedure, especially the first time. However, without any doubt, reading a magazine can be so pleasing if it contains ideal content. For brands that want to sell a magazine, the main goal is to produce a magazine that potential customers will love to read.

Here is a guide on how to prepare that magazine:

  1. Select a topic

When preparing a magazine, the topic is vital. It requires in-depth research before getting started with the entire process of preparing a magazine. For instance, if your brand is related to interior designs, think of a unifying topic that the targeted audience will consider helpful.

  1. Pick a title

Everyone will love to have an idea of what a magazine contains from its title on the front page. This might seem so easy to do but crafting a catchy topic is sometimes difficult. The key to magazine printing is to get a succinct title. When a title is short and well expressed, it will reflect well on the brand over time.

  1. Choose a cover headline

A magazine headline is significant in boosting its publicity. It contains articles that will catch the attention of every reader both in content and design when checking a magazine. For instance, when you review a celebrity-focused magazine, this headline will entail an in-depth interview with the stage on the magazine’s cover.

  1. Create a cover photo

How do you define a compelling cover? Whenever a reader gets a magazine, their focus is drawn towards the top and center of the cover page. Therefore, to ensure your brand prepares a magazine that readers will be interested in, create an eye-catching cover image with creative elements. Using the rule of thirds, you can create a valuable design feature for your magazine simply by dragging the lines on the ruler to create a guideline. You can also apply the 3 x 3 grid style to best divide your magazine cover photo. Nevertheless, your major priority is to create a high-quality image that will express your magazine content best. Furthermore, when printing a magazine, 300 psi is the minimum requirement. The importance of a cover photo is to draw the audience’s attention and enhance the quality of a magazine, hence letting it be large and look attractive at a glance.

  1. Design your masthead

Selecting a design can be tricky, so you have to decide if the masthead will be in front of the cover page or behind. After that, you have to choose a style such as fonts, colors, and the rest, that perfectly fits the magazine. For instance, if a magazine focuses on climate and nature, we can use inspired colors like sky blue and green.

  1. Develop the magazine body

Magazine BodyYou have to think of what type of content to create or get additional hands from freelance writers to create content to captivate your audience and look out for further copies.  However, the time taken to develop a magazine depends on the magazine’s content outline and size.

  1. Add graphics

Improving your content is necessary. By adding high-quality pictures and creative graphics, it helps to attract readers to your magazine. Always ensure, the images add meaning and enhance a reader’s understanding when going through the magazine.

  1. Select feature articles to add

Every article must pass a piece of information to readers. Select within two to four articles to add to the cover page of the magazine. When selecting these articles, choose high quality, popular, engaging, and exciting content for readers. Also, you can include the page number to assist readers in quickly landing on the feature articles.  

  1. Place thumbnails and Content Table

The importance of thumbnails is to enhance the quality of a magazine. Therefore, ensure each image complements the background to attract readers. After you have created the needed content, such as articles and images for the magazine, create a table of content. It will automatically help the readers to know what the magazine entails. It comprises the page number and the title of each content.

  1.   Back page

The back page mainly contains advertisements. Also, you can use Images or blank pages. So this depends solely on your choice.

  1. Print layout

When preparing a magazine, you must select a uniform print layout that will be used for the current magazine you are preparing and future editions. Check out the paper quality and design to ensure it matches the magazine. Finally, ensure you apply bleed to the paper to avoid blank pages during printing.

Magazines are great tools of advertisement for brands. It helps boost sales and visibility in public. However, we believe the guidelines above will help your brand prepare a magazine that is both eye-catching and outstanding to an audience.