How To Perform A Wireless Penetration Test for your Business.


With the ever-changing world that we live in, we are now becoming more and more dependent on wireless devices and systems. This has also led to a greater possibility of wireless interruption for attack from hackers. Wireless penetration testing is a good way to check the possibility of such attacks, and it can also be used to find any vulnerabilities in a wireless system.

Wireless penetration testing is one of the most requested security tests. It’s a great way to test the security of your wireless network and ensure your data is being protected. If you want to learn more about wireless penetration testing, check out our blog to learn more about it.


Wireless penetration testing is a type of security test that is performed by any company, and it helps to identify weaknesses in wireless networks. Penetration testing is also called pen testing, a test to check security, wireless penetration testing can be used to help identify weaknesses of an application network or system

Wireless penetration testing can be a part of other types of security testing, such as physical security testing and network security auditing.

It’s usually performed and created by company owners to save their network from hackers.

What is the motive for the Wireless Penetration Test?

The first motive is the new approach to security that is based on risk management. Risk management is a process in which the administrator of a network is analyses the vulnerabilities of his network and is ranking them according to the risk that each one represents.

Second motive is the increasing number of wireless networks.

Third motive is the increasing number of attacks that are being made by hackers against wireless networks.

Fourth motive is the poor level of security that wireless networks typically have.

Fifth motive is the poor configuration of the wireless network security

Types of a wireless penetration testing

Wireless penetration is divided into the 3 different types.

  • Black box wireless penetration testing A black-box tester is a penetration test who has no past knowledge of the systems he will be testing. He wants to learn everything he can about the target network or system.  For example, in this testing, a tester just knows what the desired result should be, but he has no idea how it will be achieved. He doesn’t check any of the programming codes.
  • White box wireless penetration testing-This is a thorough test since the tester was given a wide range of information on the systems and/or network, including Schema, code editor, OS information, IP address, and so on. It’s usually thought of as a mock-up of an attack by an internal source. It’s also known as open-box structural testing.
  • Gray box wireless penetration testing- A tester in this style of testing typically provides just incomplete or minimum information about the internal features of a system’s software. It can be understood as an external hacker gaining illegal entry to a company’s communication network files.

What are the Phases of wireless penetration testing?

There are 3 most important phases of any wireless penetration testing.

  • Pre-attack phase – pre-attack phase means we have to penetrate our system and make them secure before the attack phase.
  • Attack phase – Attack-phase means when a cyberattack is happening on our system and during the attack prevent our system from attacking by hackers.
  • Post attack phase-Post attack phase means when the hacker hacked the system completely, later on taking back our system from them by doing penetration activity.

Frequently asked questions?

  • Is wireless penetration test safe for businesses?

Wireless penetration testing is one of the most requested security tests. It’s a great way to test the security of your wireless network and ensure your data is being protected.

So now every business owner wants to apply this penetration test in their company application for making it more secure.

  • What are the best tools(software) for penetration testing?

There is much software available in the market, but some of this software is best for wire penetration testing.

  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • NMAP
  • Netsparker
  • Acunetix

Names of the best penetration testing services companies.

  • Central InfoSec
  • Offensive Security
  • HackerOne
  • CrowdStrike
  • NetSPI
  • Mandiant / FireEye
  • Netragard
  • SecureWorks
  • Rhino Security Labs
  • Tenable
  • Rapid7
  • Veracode


Throughout this blog post, we’ve tried to give you a solid overview of how a wireless penetration test will work and the results you can expect. We hope this has helped you gain a good understanding of what wireless penetration testing is and whether it’s the right service for you. If you have any questions about wireless penetration testing, please leave your comment below section.