How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress?

Are you a new player in Dwarf Fortress struggling with mug production? Maybe you’re an experienced player looking to optimize your mug stockpiling. Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will walk you through the ins and outs of production in Dwarf Fortress Mug, from choosing the right materials to finding the best strategies for stockpiling. So sit back, grab a mug of your favorite beverage, and let’s dive in!


In the complex and intricate world of Dwarf Fortress, every detail matters. One such detail is the humble mug, an essential item for your dwarves’ happiness. Known in some circles as goblets, these drinking vessels are a crucial component of your fortress’s dining experience. Without them, your dwarves will be forced to drink directly from the barrel, leading to unhappy thoughts​.

How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress?
How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress?

Crafting Mugs in a Craftdwarf’s Workshop

The most straightforward method of mug production involves using a Craftdwarf’s Workshop. Here, your dwarves can craft mugs from readily available materials such as stone or wood. Follow these steps to begin your mug production:

  1. Build a Craftdwarf’s Workshop: If you don’t already have a Craftdwarf’s Workshop in your fortress, build one using wood or stone.
  2. Open the Workshop’s Menu: Once your workshop is ready, click on it to open its menu.
  3. Add a New Task: In the menu, select the option to “add new task” to open a submenu where you can choose the material for your mugs.
  4. Choose a Material: Select either “rock” to make stone mugs or “wood” to make wooden cups. This will initiate the crafting process, and your dwarves will start producing mugs​​.

Stockpiling Mugs

After crafting your mugs, it’s essential to stockpile them properly. Here’s how:

  1. Add Mugs to Your Tavern: Once your mugs are ready, they will be automatically stockpiled or placed in a tavern if you have one.
  2. Place a Coffer in the Tavern: To ensure your tavern always has mugs available, place a coffer inside it. Your dwarves will automatically fill it with mugs.
  3. Adjust Mug Numbers: You can adjust the number of mugs stored in your tavern by opening the zone menu, clicking on the tavern zone, and adjusting the number next to “Goblets (Desired)”​.

Crafting Mugs from Other Materials

While stone and wood are the most common materials for making mugs, Dwarf Fortress allows for a variety of materials to be used. These include metal, glass, bone, shell, horn, ivory, pearl, ceramic, wax, and gems. Each material requires different labor and workshops, with metal goblets requiring a Metalsmith’s Forge and glass goblets needing a Glass Furnace​.

For goblets made of metal or glass, the process is a little bit more complicated. In this metal goblets, you need a Furnace to make charcoal, a Smelter to turn metal ores into bars, and a Metalsmith’s Forge to turn the bars into goblets. In the above glass goblets, you need to go to a Glass Furnace, collect sand, and then turn the sand into goblets.


In the intricate game of Dwarf Fortress, mug production is an important task that can significantly affect your fortress’s happiness. By carefully choosing your materials, setting up your workshops, and managing your stockpiles, you can ensure a steady supply of these essential items.

Updates in Dwarf Fortress 50.08

As of the 50.08 update in May 2023, a significant tweak was made regarding goblets. Previously, dwarves without functioning grasps would try to get goblets to drink, fail, and eventually die of thirst. This issue has been resolved, preventing unnecessary dwarf deaths due to inability to use goblets​. This update underscores the importance of goblets in the daily lives of your dwarves and the nuances of game play that Dwarf Fortress offers.

The 50.08 update also introduced various other changes, such as new graphics for many child and baby creatures, an added hatchling state for dragons, updated ice wall graphics, and more​​. Major bug fixes were also included, such as the removal of lingering data from autosaves and manual saves that could cause corruption if multiple worlds were active​​.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to maintain a healthy stock of mugs in your fortress and keep your dwarves happy. Remember, a fortress with a sufficient supply of mugs is a fortress with content, well-hydrated dwarves. Now, it’s time to dive back into the Game and put your new knowledge to use. Happy crafting, and may your fortress thrive!

Please note that Dwarf Fortress is a complex and ever-evolving game. Be sure to check for updates and changes in future versions of the game for the most accurate and up-to-date information.