How to make AOL email Work in iPhone and iPad

The AOL Mail app is a web-based email service which is well for its user-friendly UI, which allows users to stay up-to-date with their peers through a speedy emailing function. AOL app’s speedy servers are as fast as any messaging app, getting and sending emails easy a breeze.

You can access a variety of advanced internet services using AOL Mail, including email, surfing eligibility, news, and trending topics, as well as virus protection and file recovery.

Meanwhile, several users have reported that AOL Mail isn’t working on the iPhone or iPad, and many have reported that the app isn’t working in their iPhone.

aol mail

The purpose of this post is to help you fix AOL mail not working on your iPhone or iPad.

Before you proceed with any of the other solutions, let’s look at a few items you can attempt to resolve your AOL email issues on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. As a first step, you should check your device’s internet connection to make sure it is connected to an active internet connection. Check to see whether your internet speed is slow, since this might cause issues while loading pages.
  2. You may also try connecting with a different Wi-Fi network to mend AOL mail not functioning on you device.
  3. The problem may be resolved by clearing the caches and junk files stored on your iPhone. This will allow it to run smoothly as well as fix the problem of it not working.
  4.  It may be possible for new definitions to cause problems because of updates, and you will have trouble accessing your AOL account. Disable all security programs or antivirus software.

It’s also possible that you’re suddenly unable to access your AOL mail on your iPad or iPhone. They keep inquiring for your AOL password, which you are trying inputting, but that never works, despite the fact that you’re certain you know what it is.

Here’s an example of what it may look like:

aol mail
aol mail

Or sometimes, AOL may also advise customers to adjust their secure sign-in to mail settings, which might be confusing.

We also have a remedy for such an issue of “updated safety measures” in this post.

Due to the safety upgrade, you may receive emails from AOL notifying you that in order to continue receiving our email, you’ll need to sign in again, this time using a more secure sign-in technique.

aol mail

Let’s look at what that means and what you’ll have to do.

If you do not have an updated macOS version, then AOL will not let you connect to the AOL servers unless you use and create an “app password” while logged into your AOL account, rather than your actual AOL password.

Remember that “app password” is not the same as your actual password. By going to and entering your AOL username, you would also enter your actual AOL password there. It is only necessary to use the “app password” for the Mail application.

Let’s create an “app password”, the steps are as follows:

STEP 1- Sign in to AOL by visiting

aol mail

STEP 2- You can find your account setting in the top right corner of your screen by selecting your name.

STEP 3- On the left side of the screen, click “Account Security”.

aol mail

STEP 4- Click on “Generate app password”.


STEP 5- Choose an app in which you want to access your AOL mail account on a certain device. Click “Generate” to create the password.


STEP 6- You’ll need to copy the password or record it somewhere, and then use it when you sign in to AOL.

aol mail

Please note that the spaces are spaces, so not count that. It is therefore a better idea to copy and paste the “App password” than to write it down and type manually while signing in.

Now, delete and re-add your AOL email account.

STEP 1- Go to the settings menu and choose mail.

aol mail

STEP 2- Select AOL mail from the drop-down menu and press it.

STEP 3- To confirm, tap Delete Account. Then, you need to restart your phone.

aol mail

STEP 4- In the box that appears, click on “AOL” and type your AOL username. Click the Stay signed in box and click Next.

STEP 5- Insert your AOL password. To double-check that you       haven’t made a mistake, click the eyeball. Then press the Next button.

STEP 6- You’ll notice a notification that says AOL has never seen you sign in from this device previously. They’ll issue you a code that will allow you to continue the sign-in procedure.

AOL may send you either a text or perhaps an email, so choose one and wait for it to come.

STEP 7- Unless you like logging in and giving codes again and constantly, simply click the box that says “Don’t ask me again on this device.”

STEP 8- Enter the code that was sent to you by AOL in an email. Then click the Verify button.

STEP 9- Lastly; uncheck the options next to any services that you don’t use. When you’re finished, click done.

aol mail

That concludes our discussion. Now go to your Home screen, pick your Mail app, and click it to see how it works. There is no doubt that it will function perfectly.