How to Make a TikTok Aesthetic?


Learning how to create aesthetic videos for Tiktok is not as hard as you think. There are several editing methods you can implement. Also, there are apps that you may use to get the work done faster – and they are easy to use. TikTok has made smartphone users become more creative than ever. You can do crazy things with TikTok including goofing with an Indiana Jones hat.

After reading this short guide, you will be ready to make and upload your aesthetic. The techniques covered here are straightforward. Besides, TikTok is an easy app to use but the aesthetic part is quite tricky.

You already know this, but keep it short!

TikTok is a platform where videos are consumed on a per-channel basis; if your video is too long or if you lose viewers’ attention, they will move on to the next one and this will penalise your video in the algorithm. Fifteen seconds is a good classic time for a TikTok video. Or even better (but more difficult), make it a little longer (or even much longer, if you’re good), if you can come up with a real mechanic to hold the attention along the video. The first big KPI taken into account by the TikTok algorithm is completion: the average time your video is watched. The closer it is to 100%, the higher TikTok will rate your content and push it to a large number of people. So it is easy to buy tiktok followers in an efficient manner.

Use Aesthetic Fonts for Text

Not to mention, if you want to make a stylish video, apply a few font styles that mirror what you are going for. As you would know, TikTok has several fonts and they are easy to use. Good examples of nice fonts are Arielle and Nine by Five. Be that as it may, if the Arielle is missing in your device, then Arial will also do a great job. Use it.

You may also apply text effects. This fosters the aesthetic – for example, including a text-shadow close to the text. The effect applied will pop up. The Calistoga font also does a nice job for this purpose, incorporating a red shadow close to the original text.

Explore Different Special Effects

Adding a few special effects helps create a nice twist to a video. Add it to your aesthetic TikTok video. However, you will need to play with different special effects to determine which one works perfectly for the video you are working with. For example, assuming you have a video including buildings, a suitable effect to add is some glitch effects. These make your work almost cyberpunk-esque and it will look more futuristic.

On the other hand, you may add a couple of distortion effects and a VHS effect to have a vaporwave-esque look. Below are some of the best special effects you may play with:

  • Film grain: If you desire a retro overlay, this is a great effect to use. Add it to your videos. It mimics how vintage videos appear. The effect can also add an older style (yet tastefully) feel to a video.
  • VHS: You can add more vibe to your video with this. It causes your video to have an overall amazing retro feeling.
  • Sparkles: This special effect lets you include a hint of allure and style to the video with aesthetic shines. Simply experiment with it to get a better feel of it.
  • Glitch effects: These are great effects when you need to add futuristic twists to your videos.

Recreate a Specific Aesthetic

Yes, it’s possible to recreate a specific aesthetic within your videos. For example, assuming you fancy the blue aesthetic tastefully, then you can apply a blue filter to your video – just as some sparkles and particle effects for additional glitz.

In other words, you will always find a bunch of aesthetics to choose from – pastel aesthetic, purple aesthetic, and a lot more. Also, if you will be working with a video during a festive period, you can use snowflakes and related festive touches to the video. Be creative with whatever you are working with.

In addition to being aesthetic, it is important to respect the crescendo effect

You need something strong to attract attention at the beginning, but then you need to keep the attention until the end, you don’t want the interest in the video to wane. If there are several funny things in your video, each one should be funnier than the last and each one should be a step-up. At the very end of the video, make sure you include a punchline or an unexpected effect.

In summary, creating aesthetic videos for TikTok is fun. However, there are some mobile apps you can use to make your work easier and faster. Use them to transform and filter your videos. A few of these apps include Vivacut and InShot.