How To Improve Your Sales Using Online Tools

Online sales have become the main focus of many, many businesses. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, online spending increased a massive 34.7% and experts believe this trend will continue upwards, even after the pandemic’s darkest days are over. This accounts for over $180 billion in sales, all spent online from the comfort of the customer’s sofa.Online Tools

So, if online sales are more important than ever, it’s clearly more important than ever to be improving your online sales as much as possible. How? We’re glad you asked. There are many tools available online to help boost your sales, traffic, and overall customer retention.

Let’s discuss our top tools for improving your online sales.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is fast becoming the most important set of tools for marketing, customer retention, communication, and overall business control. Experienced entrepreneurs and business owners attest that the best Salesforce apps will help not only gain more customers but keep them coming back over and over again. So, let’s take a look at some of the tools built on Salesforce and other CRM platforms. These are all brought together into one handy platform, making it a tool all businesses should be using to boost online performance.

  • Customer Tracking Tools

One of the most important parts of CRM software is customer tracking. These tools integrate with and pull data from social media platforms, e-mail lists, Google, and any other form of communication with your customers. They allow you to build a picture of exactly who is interacting with your company and why. You will get a clear image of who’s buying your products, how often, why, and where, allowing you to align yourself more and more to your target audience’s needs. This tool also helps lead on to other aspects of CRM such as…

  • E-Mail and Targeted Marketing

Once you are loaded up with customer information, you can begin marketing yourself to these people efficiently. A good CRM marketing software will build for you – or help you build – a detailed and extensive contacts list. Using this list, it can then automate e-mail marketing campaigns targeted at the exact right customers at the exact right times. It will know how often people open and interact with your e-mails and be able to adjust tactics accordingly. This software is also able to assist with social media and targeted marketing.

  • Data Analysis

Big data is extremely important these days. The more you can tell about your customer, the better you can target your products. However, data can be hard to manipulate, present, or understand. CRM data tools can do a lot of the legwork for you, providing a neat dashboard of charts, facts, and figures to help your marketing team understand the data and use it effectively.

  • All-In-One Management Apps

Although CRM is aimed at marketing and sales, it can also help with business management. If you are struggling to keep track of everyone’s targets, aims, tasks, and plans, CRM can help. Again, using friendly data dashboards, graphs, and facts, you will be able to keep on top of your business management with ease, helping you focus more on improving sales and cashflow.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a crucial factor in driving sales. Using clever algorithms, backlinking strategies, video marketing, and more, a good SEO campaign can get you right to the top of Google’s results pages. There are more and more layers to SEO making it harder to go alone. We recommend hiring a strong SEO-based company to create and execute a campaign for you.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are reducing the amount of man-power needed for customer service. They also appear to help boost sales. In fact, a study showed that sales conversion rates increased by around 30% after interaction with an AI chatbot. These are easily programmable (once you have purchased the software) and allow you to direct customers to what you think they need via keywords, multiple-choice, and simple AI decision-making. A sound investment.

A mix of CRM apps, AI and SEO can get your business into a far stronger position. All of these can be implemented without a huge cost to your business. In fact, the use of these apps will help improve speed, efficiency, and productivity in all areas of your business. These benefits will lead to a boost, not just in performance, but in revenue as well. The increased revenue will certainly outweigh the cost in the end. So, increase cash flow and sales with these tools, and watch as your business grows whilst becoming more efficient in front of your eyes.