How to Have a Romantic Weekend at Home for Minimal Cost

Life can be extremely difficult, and it can also be rather expensive, meaning that for couples who have young children and work long hours, that romantic getaway that they want may have to take a spot on the back burner whilst they navigate their daily routine.

Luckily, there are many ways that you can keep the spark in your relationship without spending a fortune on spa weekends or romantic hotels. Plus, it is even possible to turn your home into a sensual environment with a few cost-effective tips.

So, read on to learn more about how you and your partner can have a romantic weekend at home without breaking the bank.

Get Some Toys

The first thing to consider is sex. During a romantic weekend, depending on your age, sex is invariably going to be a feature. If it has been a while since you engaged in anything new in the bedroom, it can be worth spicing it up with the use of some sex toys. Head to to peruse the selection available and get an idea of the kind of toys you would like to incorporate into your romantic weekend. Sex toys don’t have to be expensive, but they can certainly add excitement to a bedroom-based weekend.

Massage Oils

Massage oils are a great mood setter, and you don’t have to be a professional massage therapist to give a great massage to your partner. If massage oils are out of your budget, you can even use olive oils or baby oil that you may have in the house. 

If you have never given a massage before, head to a site like YouTube to watch a video on how to give a sensual massage. As mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be great, as the feature is on building the mood, so try to avoid deep tissue massages.

Romantic Music

You don’t need to hire a pianist to make your home romantic, and even playing romantic music on your smartphone or tablet can help you to set the mood for your time together.

It will also be an opportune time for you to play your partner’s favorite romantic music and help set the scene as well. Or, maybe play the music that you associate with your first date or wedding day.

Baby or Pet Sitter

Nothing cramps the style of a romantic weekend together more than having a baby, toddler, child, or pet interrupting you. So, if possible, send your pets away, as well as any children, to stay with family, or hire a pet or babysitter who will be able to look after your child or pets in a different location. This will allow you the space to truly relax and focus on each other, rather than having to respond to a dog barking at the door or a baby crying in the next room.

Setting the Mood

Setting a romantic mood in your home can be as simple as lighting some candles, turning off the television, hiding any computers, and using romantic music and aromas to make the environment different and seductive. This doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as getting a cover and throwing it over your sofa to make the room look different and dimming the lights.