How to Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube?

The content creation journey can be exciting, especially for those looking forward to starting a YouTube channel from scratch. Some seasoned creators are expanding their creativity to video platforms like YouTube. Whatever the case, you would want your channel to gain immense popularity over time. 

Most creators want to level up their channels so that viewers around the globe appreciate their content and love their videos. Moreover, countless channels hit a million subscribers daily, and so can you. At first, most YT channels wish to hit 500 to 1000 subscribers to be eligible for the YPP or YouTube Partner Program and start gaining revenue. 

While you can also choose to buy YouTube subscribers from various sites, this guide will offer numerous tips to broaden your viewer reach and turn them into subscribers.

Why Does the Number of Subscribers Matter on YouTube?

It is every creator’s dream to grow in their YouTube journey and raise their subscriber count. Every YouTuber yearns to garner significant views and turn casual viewers into fans. And there is a good reason behind this. 

After a YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers, they can start monetizing the videos using advertisements with the help of YPP or the YouTube Partner Program. After you hit the 1000 subscribers with a minimum watch time – 4000 hours of watch time for extended form videos in the previous 12 months or gain 10 million legitimate Shorts views in the last 90 days – users can transform their channel into a side hustle or a choose to become a full-fledged YouTuber. 

Hence, this is a great way to increase revenue. Channels can even enter the program with 500 subscribers, but they will only get access to fan funding via channel membership, Super Thanks, or Super Chat. Hence, to truly profit from the advertisements, having 1000 subs is crucial. This is why many can also choose to buy YouTube subscribers. 

In the coming sections, we will discuss different tips on how you can reach 1000 subscribers. We will also discuss if buying subscribers is a good option for you. 


Ways to Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers to Reach a Broader Range of Audiences 

Doing YouTube is an art that requires equal passion, dedication, and consistency. Although growing subscribers overnight is not so easy, there are a few things you can do to get closer to your goal. Here are a few helpful ways to gain 1000 subscribers. 

● Post Quality Content

As obvious as it sounds, everything falls after content. The well-known secret to gaining new subscribers is creating excellent quality video content. The audience has an abundance of choices. Thus, posting videos that people will genuinely enjoy is crucial so that they will click on the subscribe button for you and help your YouTube algorithm. 

The more engagement and views your video will get, YouTube will recommend your videos to other viewers. Hence, quality content is your best shortcut to converting new viewers to forever fans. Build a strategy, plan your videos, and edit accordingly to entice viewers. 

● Use Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Catching the eye of your viewers from the first moment is exceedingly crucial. And the first impression of your video starts from your video’s thumbnail and title. Therefore, you must be creative with a thumbnail that instantly hooks your viewers. 

If you believe you lack the skills to put out a captivating video thumbnail, you can always seek the help of thumbnail generators on the internet to make this job more manageable. Some sites will also enable you to test whether your thumbnail is clickable. 

● Buy YouTube Subscribers

Gaining new followers demands YouTube channels become popular and visible. YouTube is among the best social media platforms that allow you to share videos related to music, entertainment, talent, and more. It is the best place to turn your business into a well-known brand. 

Nonetheless, the platform is very competitive, and gaining your initial 1000 subscribers can be challenging. Hence, you can buy real and active Youtube subscribers from agencies like SocialZinger to boost your content’s visibility. The website offers various packages and plans to choose from. and the best part is these bought subscribers are from active users. Therefore, they never hit the youtube algorithm.  

● Use Trendy Hashtags in Caption

Trendy hashtags on YouTube are another way to help viewers find your videos. Although underrated, this method works flawlessly to make your video noticeable for relevant topics. Viewers can click on a trendy hashtag to visit its official page. 

Getting a feature on the hashtag page offers tremendous exposure to your channel, particularly when it pops on top of the page. So, check whether you are adding the right hashtags to not only the title but also the description. 

● Post Videos On Time

The right time to post videos depends on your target audience’s location, content type preference, and when most users watch YouTube videos the most. New channels can refer to the average best time to post their videos. 

2 PM to 6 PM is best for posting videos on weekdays. For weekends, you can post between 9 AM and 6 PM. Additionally, the last three days of the week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) make up the best time for your YouTube videos. 

You can access the advanced report to check the viewer activity if you have a good amount of traffic. Visit YouTube Studio > Analytics > Audience. 

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel?

Yes, it is safe to buy YouTube subscribers to grow your channel. Since the YouTube algorithm allows users to buy these followers, you do not have to worry about your account’s safety. Growing your YouTube channel can be difficult and requires regular effort. Therefore, you can choose a reputable, safe, and genuine company with services providing subscribers. 

You can choose a package from a best-in-class company that will offer you authentic subscribers to help your YouTube channel grow and increase your overall hours of watching. Also, if you are wondering, purchasing these YouTube subscribers is 100% legal. Numerous creators benefit from such services. 

However, verify the provider is offering genuine subscribers who are real people and will watch your videos to boost your views. Consistently purchasing youtube subscribers will eventually end up your channel under the most subscribed youtube channel. These high-quality YT subscribers are the right way to promote yourself on YouTube and become famous. It is also possible to purchase active subscribers specific to a country.

Many websites sell legit subscribers who are active on YouTube. You can choose an affordable package with the desired number of subscribers. These services are safe and fast. You will also get excellent customer service provided you run into problems. 


With every second person planning to open a YouTube channel, given the possibility of revenue generation, creators face more competition on the platform. Generally, every subscriber is aiming to hit the 1000 mark to be able to monetize their videos. Nevertheless, this goal can seem quite challenging. 

With the above specific tips, you can boost your channel’s visibility and grab YouTube’s attention to help your videos gain more views. These include posting quality videos, posting on schedule, using hashtags, and adding an eye-catching thumbnail. You can also buy YouTube subscribers, a safe way to grow your account and become more popular.