How to fix when Lenovo laptop keyboard not working. Fix it at home.

Are You a working professional or a student, and which laptop do you use for your work? And you are a Windows user, which is installed in your Lenovo laptop. So, while working on your laptop, have you noticed that some keys on your Lenovo laptop keyboard aren’t working or that your Lenovo laptop keyboard is not working at all?

So, this issue may happen due to internal and external (hardware or software)

If you are one of them, who is facing the same keyboard issue with Lenovo laptop and want to fix it at home without spending money.

In this article, we will share with you some hacks and tips, also what are some reasons that your keyboard is not working and their solutions, so you can fix your Lenovo keyboard at home without any help.

Reasons for Lenovo laptop keyword not working in the window

If Your Lenovo laptop keyboard not working, so there will be so many reasons that can happen, reasons as internal and external hardware or software issues.

Below are issues explain step by step.

Device Drivers That Have Been Outdated or Corrupted

Drivers as software applications that control how your computer connects with its hardware, which in this case is your keyboard. When your keyboard driver is malfunctioning, it might have a significant impact on the function of your keyboard. 

Keys issue

The next issue you can identify on your keyboard, it’s a single key issue. So at this point, you have to remove that key and start using an external keyboard. 

Hardware damage issue

Damaged components in your keyboard may potentially cause it to cease operating. If you discover that any of the buttons on your keyboard aren’t responding as they should, are damaged, it’s time to replace the entire keyboard. You may always hire a Lenovo expert to assist you with the repair.

External Keyboard Interference

External wireless or cable keyboards may be possible that is affecting the Lenovo keyboard. If you have any external keyboards attached, then unplug them and reload your laptop to see if it works. If your laptop supports it, you should try to avoid attaching extra keyboards to it.

Solutions for fixing Lenovo keyboard issues.

If you are a Lenovo pc or laptop user, and you facing any keyboard issue in your keypad, so below are some techniques that you can apply to your Lenovo window keyboard

Restart your laptop or computer

this is one of the most effective techniques to fix computer system difficulties, considering how easy it is.  You just need to restart your pc and computer, If the keyboard still doesn’t work after restarting your computer, you might want to look into other options.

Remove the battery and the power wire from the system.


Firstly, shut down the laptop, then unplug the power cable and remove the battery for some time.

Later on press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds, After that put the battery back in the plug the power cable again, restart your computer, and see the keyboard is working.

Update the Lenovo window keyboard driver


If the keyboard not working properly, then you just need to consider and download the latest version of the Lenovo driver on your laptop.

Use the virtual on-screen keyboard on your window 10 Lenovo laptop


You can use the virtual on-screen keyboard, you just need to follow the given step below.

On the window login screen, select the Ease of Access option.

Look for “Type without a keyboard” as an option (On-Screen Keyboard)

Check that all the keys are operating properly with your mouse pointer. It’s a good idea to look for specific keys on the physical keyboard that may not be working.

The Ease of Access page can also be accessed by going to Settings → Ease of Access → Keyboard.

Turn the on/off switch to use the keyboard that flashes up.

Remove the keyboard from the keypad and clean the internal hard drive


So, there is one more option is that you can apply with your laptop, just remove the keyboard from the keypad, sometimes on keyboard internal there is loot of dust are stuck in the hardware component, so you just need to clean it with the help of thinner or any brush or clothes, then again set the keyboard back after that restart your laptop.

Frequently asked questions?

How to unlock the laptop in the Lock screen, when the keyboard not working?


In case your keyboard not working, and you have an issue accessing on-screen, then you just need to follow the given step.


On the right side below the screen, you need to click the ease of access option, on there you have to click the on-screen- keyboard option for the virtual keyboard,

After that on the window screen you can the pop-up of the virtual keyboard there you can type your password and get entered in the system


What to do if the Lenovo laptop not working after the window update?

If still, you are finding the same issue with the keyboard after doing all things after updating then you have to be replaced your keyboard and need to fix a new one.


We’ve talked about a few different approaches to fix the keyboard not working in Windows 10 problem in this article. We hope the issue is no more affecting you.

If you run into any issues when using the above keyboards fixing solutions and must extra support, please contact us. Simply post your question in the comments box below, so we’ll see what we can do to assist you further.