How to Fix Run Time Error 1004 in Excel?

Today’s topic is mainly based on the fix of run time error 1004 in excel as well as the error in the mac. So, we will come up with the definition first. That what actually the runtime error code 1004 in excel is… and then after that, we will be heading towards the methods to fix the error 1004. So, let us stick to the issue of error 1004.

Run-time error 1004 is an error code pertaining to Microsoft Visual Basic that has been known to affect Microsoft Excel users. The error is known to be most prevalent in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. Although no version of Microsoft’s popular worksheet application for computers is safe from the menace that is Run-time error 1004. In most cases, users affected by this problem see one of two different variations of Run-time error 1004. In their entirety, the two variations of Run-time error 1004 read:

  1. Run-time error ‘1004’:
  2. Copy Method of Worksheet Class failed
  3. Run-time error ‘1004’:
  4. Application-defined or object-defined error

Reasons for run time error 1004 in excel

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  1. If you are facing this problem you can easily catch this Runtime Error 1004. Microsoft Office will let you know if you face this error in Excel.
  2. They will be indicating your run-time error 1004 by showing you a pop-up message.
  3. You can see the pop-up messages when you are usually working in the middle of any assignment in Excel. When you copy your document in Excel for multiple times without closing or saving your document then this Runtime Error 1004 can appear in front of your Screen.

METHODS to Fix Runtime Error 1004

You can simply not use it if you want to not face this Runtime Error 1004 in future. You can prefer copying your document in new pages rather than copying it in the same.

  • The first thing that you should do is to open Excel to create a template bypass.
  • After your new document is open, you have to erase all the worksheets that opened automatically leaving one.
  • If you want you can delete the extra worksheets by pressing the right button on worksheets and after that hit on the delete option.
  • After that as soon as you hit on the delete option, the sheet will be deleted automatically.

Another way by which you can repair this error is the use of template bypass. By listening this name you are thinking that this will be going to be tough, yeah it is but to do this you can follow the steps below:-


  1. The first thing to open Excel to create a template bypass.
  2. As your new document open you have to delete all other worksheets which are automatically opened leaving one.’’
  3. You can delete those extra worksheets by right-clicking on worksheets and then click on the delete option.
  4. As you click on the delete option then automatically sheet will be deleted.
  5. Follow the above steps for remaining sheets but be careful you have to leave one for making a template.
  6. After doing the above now there will be a single page left. Now you will be able to do compulsory modification to that page. You can insert charts or can insert tables as you like.

This is going to be your template page which can be easily copied by you and pasted. As you complete your document you then have to save your worksheet as a template. You can do this by clicking on the upper left corner on the Microsoft button. Then click on “Save as” button and save your document as “Excel Template”.

That’s all, now you will be able to do your work without any type of error. Just open the workbook and add the template to that workbook.

Preventions to avoid Runtime Error 1004 

As we know that prevention is better than cure. So, we will be focusing on the prevention techniques to avoid runtime error code 1004 in excel. So, go for following the prevention techniques for the runtime error 1004. If you want that you should not face Runtime Error 1004 in the future so the best thing for avoiding this error is to save your documents before copying pages in it. You can save your document periodically if you can do some changes in macro coding.

This prevention method will avoid you from facing run-time error code 1004 but you must have enough knowledge to change the macro coding.

So, these were the issues and the fix related to the run time error code 1004 in excel.