How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Mac?

Today’s topic of the article is Microsoft word not responding MAC. So, first, we will know the reasons behind this issue.

A common reason for Microsoft Word malfunctioning might be the document being corrupted or damaged. Word Online Repair service is able to fix damaged Word document effortlessly and is available on any platform (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)

Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Mac:

when your Microsoft Word won’t open or has stopped working on Mac all of a sudden, the possible reasons could be:

  1. The third-party add-ons or the plug-ins hinder the software
  2. MS Word preferences are corrupted
  3. The virus or malware infected the operating system of your Mac (Install an anti-virus program)
  4. Unexpected power disturbance or sudden closing of Word document
  5. Programs or hardware bugs interfere with Mac Word
  6. Insufficient RAM

Fix 1. Open Microsoft Word in Safe Mode

If you want to access MS Word on Mac, but it keeps crashing in the background, then consider opening it in the Safe Mode. Unlike Windows, you can’t launch a dedicated application on Safe Mode. Instead, you need to boot the entire system in a safe mode. To do this, restart your Mac or turn it on. As Mac would start, press and hold the Shift key to boot it in Safe Mode. Log-in to your user account and try launching MS Word on it again.

Microsoft Word Not Responding mac

Fix 2: Try MS Office Application Recovery

Another handy solution you can try to fix Microsoft word not responding to Mac error and recover unsaved document is using the MS Office Application Recovery feature.

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > MS Office Application Recovery.
  2. Choose the document that’s not responding when you see a list of currently running office applications.
  3. Click the option “Recover Application” and recover the document you were working on.

Applying MS Application Recovery utility is one of the many methods to recover unsaved Word documents on Mac. You can follow the link and check all-sided resolutions to restore unsaved Word files because of Word crash, freezing, error code, or accidental closure. 

Fix 3. Reset the Default Settings of Word

You can troubleshoot various components of Microsoft Word by resetting or deleting its preference file. Apart from solving the Word not responding on the Mac issue, it can also fix the Word crashing problem or certain features not working. Resetting preference is not the ultimate solution for all Word problem, thus do not perform this operation too often.

In most of the offices Microsoft Word can be used for making invoice with the help of software example: Word Invoice Template & Receipt Maker

e.g. Reset Microsoft Word 2016 preferences

  1. Quit Word document on Mac.
  2. Right-click Finder icon in the dock and select “Go to Folder”.
  3. Type ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Templates command in the dialog box.
  4. Locate the files Normal.dotm and move it to the desktop.
  5. Go to the folder again, and type ~/Library/Preferences.

Find out and files, and then move both of them to your desktop.

Fix 4. Repair Disk Permissions

A lot of people don’t realize, but sometimes, the problem could be with your Mac and not the Word application. For instance, if the disk where MS Word installed is corrupt, then you can use its native feature – Disk Utility. Just go to Finder > Applications > Utility and launch the Disk Utility component. Select the drive where MS Word is installed on the left panel and click on the “First Aid” option on the toolbar. Confirm your choice and run the disk repairing operations to fix Mac’s storage, After the reapir you may enjoy playing games at  

5. Update Word on Mac to the Latest:

Sometimes, MS Word doesn’t respond when there is an impending update available for the software. This can be resolved by simply updating to the latest version of MS Word.

Open MS Word on Mac and open the Top Menu. Click on the Help option and there you will see the Check for Updates option

How to Force Quit Word on Mac When Not Responding?

If your Word document continually freezes, hangs or gives you a spinning rainbow ball of death, you need to just shut it down. You have 4 ways at your disposal when Microsoft Word not responding mac or keeps freezing on Mac.

Way 1: Dock

  1. Find the Word icon on the dock.
  2. Right-click (or hold down Ctrl key + click) the icon.
  3. A contextual menu appears, choose “Force Quick” option from the list.

Way 2: Finder or Shortcut

  1. Click on the apple icon in the upper-left corner of your screen select “Force Quit” from the drop-down menu. (Or press and hold Ctrl + Alt+ Esc on the keyboard.)
  2. This brings up a dialogue box that showcases your running items. You should select Microsoft Word and click on the “Force Quick” button.

Way 3: Activity Monitor

  1. Open Activity Monitor app.
  2. Select Microsoft Word in the process list.
  3. Click the button “X” in the upper-left of the window to force quit Microsoft Word not responding to Mac.

Way 4: Terminal

  1. Open Terminal app.
  2. Type the command “ps -ax | grep “Microsoft Word”, and press Enter key.
  3. Before the line which ends in “/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Word”, there is a PID number. The number I got is 1246
  4. Use the force quit command on Mac: type “kill 1246” to shut down crashed Word

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

Question: How to Unfreeze a Microsoft Word Document on a Mac?

Ans: To partly recover the document you have been working on, try printing out the screen. After that, try force-quitting the application by using the Command-Option-Esc shortcut. When the Force Quit window appears, select the app you want to abort and press Force Quit.

Question: How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Mac?

Ans: 1. On the Go menu, click Home.
2. Select and Open Documents.
3. Open Microsoft User Data.
4. Open the Office Autorecovery folder. Note You do not have to delete files in this folder. You can copy or move these files to the desktop.
5. Test the application.

Question: Why my MS Word Keep Crashing on Mac?

Ans: 1. In Windows 10, 8 or 7, open Control Panel, click “Programs and Features” and click on “Microsoft Office”.
2. On the window, click “Repair” and then “Continue”.
3. You can choose “Online Repair” and “Quick Repair”. Let the repair finish and restart your computer.