How to Fix Malwarebytes Not Updating on Windows 10?

Malwarebytes not updating

Malwarebytes Not Updating on Windows 10

Malwarebytes is the best and top anti-malware of 2019, because of its protective nature. It provides protection from viruses, malware and also from adware and PUPs. The Best thing with Malwarebytes is that both free version and premium versions provide complete real-time protection. But sometimes users of windows 10 facing some issues like Malwarebytes not opening, Malwarebytes not updating the database or in setup. Malwarebytes Anti-malware removes malware, virus, and adware.

So, for the problems, we are providing solutions here. Follow the step by step to fix the problem.

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Malwarebytes Not Updating Database

Follow these 3 processes to fix the problem, if you do not succeed. Then just call Malwarebytes tech support phone number to get help.

  1. Update Malwarebytes Manually
  2. Check Windows Firewall
  3. Reinstall Malwarebytes on Windows OS

Update Malwarebytes Manually

First, disable Windows defender then only you try the steps. If the windows defender is not disabled, then disable it first. This is because two antiviruses working in real-time. First, we need to disable one.

After these steps, open Malwarebytes and go to the setting. Click on Update Malwarebytes.

Check Windows Firewall

Check for Windows Firewall is it running or not. Because some updates make some essential changes to your system. That can change firewall settings. For that, first check for windows firewall settings then try to update Malwarebytes anti-malware.

Now follow the steps:

  1. Type Allow or Open Allow an app in the windows search box in windows firewall.
  2. Now, Click on “change settings
  3. Click “allow other apps”
  4. Open Malwarebytes installation folder and add the executable file.
  5. Allow it to communicate freely with Public and Private networks.
  6. Confirm changes and reboot your system.
  7. Try updating Malwarebytes again.
  8. This will fix your Malwarebytes not updating database issues.

Reinstall Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Now, try to reinstall Malwarebytes premium to get it working well. First Uninstall and then reinstall Malwarebytes anti-malware this will fix Malwarebytes not updating issues. Visit our last blog to read steps of Malwarebytes uninstall and installation.

Malwarebytes Tech Support Number:

call Malwarebytes tech support phone number to get help from a certified technician who will help you to fix the Malwarebytes problems. The technician will help you to resolve the problem. The technician will check for updates or the latest version of Malwarebytes available. So, they will update your application. Just call on Malwarebyte’s phone number and get help from a certified technician.

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