How to Fix Java Error Code 1618?

Today’s topic mainly deals with the problem of error code 1618 in java. So, first of all, we are going to have a look at the explanation for java error code 1618. But first of all, we are going to know the meaning of java error code 1618.

However, there’s one such error that generally occurs when a user tries to put in Java on his/her machine that’s powered by the Windows operating system. Here, users who are running Windows 7 and afterward their desktop and laptop computers, might need to be encountered an error during the installation of Java.

How to Fix Java Error Code 1618?

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Now, during the installation of Java on Windows, the installation gets interrupted. So an error message is thrown on the user’s screen together with a mistake code. That is Java error code 1618.

Thus, plenty of users have encountered this problem within the past many days and years. It now incorporates a solution, where users can easily fix the error in Java on their Windows 7 and later editions of the operating system.

Causes of the Java Error Code 1618

It indicates a resource conflict from the Microsoft Installer asserting that another (.MSI) installation file is running while Java (.MSI) is currently in process. To work properly, the Windows installer will only process one program installation at a time. Furthermore, the error code 1618 could appear for other reasons:

  1. The Windows Installer program is itself in a mistaken state. during this case, the Java installing process won’t run properly.
  2. The installation module is full of a Windows update (especially security update KB2918614). This forces the installer to cancel the Java installation process.
  3. The Java version to put in is corrupt or not up to now.
  4. An antivirus is obstructing the installation of programs and software for security reasons.
  5. Some programs or software might be set to run the Windows Installer automatically. during this case, it’ll be impossible to put in or update the other program including Java software.

So, we are going to be finishing up with the methods to mend this java error code 1618 on windows 7. So, here are the assorted methods listed below:

Java Error Code 1618

Restart the pc and take a look at to put in Java again

This is the only solution to undertake once you get a Java error code 1618. After restarting the pc, attempt to launch the Java installer again.

Wait for another installation process to finish

As mentioned before, Java error code 1618 can occur when another program is trying to put in, update, or remove files on your computer.

This process could also be still active within the background and might prevent Windows Installer to put in Java program. If you’ll be able to locate another software or program using the (.MSI) system, then you must await the initial installation that’s ongoing to finish.

Restart Windows installer service “msiexec.exe”

To restart the Windows installer, follow these instructions:

  • Press the short key “Windows key + R”, or just click on the Start button to search the Run command. Type “” or “taskmgr” within the dialogue box “run command” that appears within the screen and press the button “Enter”.
  • This will allow you to locate the “Windows Installer” within the computer menu that appears on the screen. Right-click (or double click) on Windows Installer so select “Properties”.
  • Now, put the startup within the automatic mode. Click on the “Apply” button so on the “Ok” button to substantiate and save the new setting.
  • You will need now to reboot the system therefore the new Windows Installer setting is going to be effective. After changing the properties to automatic mode, reboot your computer and install Java again.
  • If the error code continues to be displayed on the screen, then please move to the following solution.

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Perform a clean reboot

  1. A clean reboot is an operation that starts Windows by employing a minimal set of programs and drivers.
  2. It could help to mend some program conflicts that occur once you are installing a replacement software or an update.
  3. To perform a clean rebooting in Windows 10, press the short key “key Windows + R” and launch the Run menu. within the dialogue box that appears on the screen, type “MSConfig” and press “Enter”.
  4. Now you’ll be able to access the services list of all programs installed on your computer. Find the road, which indicates: “Hide all Microsoft services” so click on “Disable all” and “Ok” to avoid wasting changes.
  5. Now, click on the “Startup” tab and open Task Manager. Select the things within the list one by one so click “Disable”.
  6. Close Task Manager and click on “Ok” to substantiate changes. Restart your computer and take a look at running Java installer again within the clean boot mode.
  7. After finishing, you’ll be able to reset your computer to function normally by following the identical steps to enable all items within the services list and Startup tab.

Run the Microsoft System Configuration Utility

  1. Microsoft System Configuration Utility (MSConfig) may be a system included in Windows that may repair automatically windows troubleshoots or issues that prevent you to put in, update, or remove programs.
  2. It also can fix the corrupted registry keys on 64-bit operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10).
  3. After downloading and installing the program, run it and follow the instructions.
  4. Then reboot the system and take a look at to put in Java again.

So, these were the methods further because of the causes associated with the java error code 1618.