How to Fix HP Support Assistant Issues?

hp support assistant windows 10

HP Support Assistant is one of the most famous software package available on HP Laptop. Which was released after 2012? The main reason for hp assistant to keep the program in working condition and finding the problem in hp laptop or computer. The machine which was launched after 2012 comes with a pre-installed hp support assistance.

HP Computer Support: 1-800-215-0329

The main reason for this application is to track the problem and find the best solution. It will detect the outdated driver. Sometimes user complaint the application is not working properly. If you are also getting a problem with the hp support assistant, then you can contact hp computer support.

Ways to Fix HP Assistant Issues

are you facing trouble while opening hp support assistant? Looking for ways to fix hp support assistance issues. Then you are at right place. Just follow the steps given in the article to fix the issues you are facing. Try to uninstall hp support assistant and install it again.

How to Uninstall HP Support Assistant?

  1. In windows, PC follow the steps to uninstall hp assistant
  2. Click on the start button in windows pc
  3. Click on Control Panel
  4. Now,  click on the uninstall button
  5. Click on programs and features
  6. A list of the product will open
  7. Now, select the product and click on right-click
  8. Now, click on uninstall from the list
  9. Restart your PC.

These steps will uninstall hp assistant from the windows Pc. For installing support assistant follow the steps given below. If you are unable to uninstall hp assistance from windows PC, then contact hp support number. The technician at hp computer support is available 24/7 to help the user.

Steps to Install Hp Support Assistant Windows 10

When the uninstallation process will complete then you need to reinstall hp assistant windows 10. Follow the steps given below to install hp assistant.

  1. Download hp support assistance from hp official website
  2. Search for the latest version of hp support assistance
  3. Download the latest version of hp assistant
  4. When downloading finish click on run
  5. Click on “YES” for confirmation
  6. Now, follow the on-screen steps
  7. The installation process will get started
  8. Click on finish and restart your Pc to make changes

If you followed these steps and unable to open hp support assistant, then you need to contact hp support. Just call on 1-800-215-0329 hp toll-free number. The technician at hp support will help you to fix the problem with a hp support assistance. The technicians are Microsoft certified and experienced. They will fix the problem with best position solution.

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