How to Fix Discord Connection Failed Problem?

Today’s topic relies on the discord update failure additionally as discord connection error. So, here are the listed methods that could facilitate you overcome the case of discord connection failure. So, getting started with the topic itself.

How to fix the Discord Connection Failed Issue?

A VoIP for instant messaging, users having the best voice chat, video calls, sharing of media files is the widely used Discord. 

Discord works on various operating systems like android, windows, IOS, Linux, macOS, iPadOS, etc. There might have few hinges in communication due to connectivity issues.

A connectivity issue that arises may be due to the interference of firewall or VPN in ICE checking, issue in connecting to RTC or Wi-Fi connection issues, not able to find the route. This may also arise due to discord service or your device as if your device is an old version then latest updates may not able to work on your device.

These may sound like different errors, but all of those mean the identical thing, which could be a failed voice connection. And if this is often what’s happening to you, then can try the given solutions:

Restart Everything

The most common way to fix the basic connecting issue are:

Restart your operating system and relaunching the application, and see if it is connected. Try checking your Internet connection and router connections.

Firewall Settings

Go to firewall settings and change if discord is disabled due to suspicious reason, ensure to enable it, and restart the system. Because if it isn’t, then this can always get within the way of the Discord Voice connectivity. This solution works most of the time and fix voice connectivity problems.

Check Your VPN

Ensure your VPN has recognized your Discord as Discord will never run without UDP in VPN. So, ensure to enable it. Now, restart and check if the connection is obtained. Every VPN company does offer UDP connectivity option this day’s. Check and download the latest version of VPN software if you’re getting problem to find it.

Change the date and time

This is the fourth method and if above things not work for you, so we have to check something which is very common, but sometimes we avoid it. System might not update its date and time which can make the discord not recognize your system

Disconnect From Work/School Network

The Next method is very simple yet crucial, ensure you are not using any work or school network for Discord connection as this might be the reason for your account to get blocked too. Change immediately to a home or personal network and try to connect to the discord server. Mobile network is also preferable to connect discord server.

Change The Voice Region

If the above things not work for you. So we have to do something which is not easy. We need to try changing the region of your server. And you may also need permission from admin to do this. Also depend on your server region. Below steps give you direction how to do it.

  1. First, get to a particular server and then click on the ‘Downward arrow’ which is below the Server name.
  2. Now, click on ‘Server Settings’ within the menu.
  3. Within the server settings, you’ll see the Server Region slightly below its name. Just change the region and take a look at connecting to the voice channel again.
Since all the above methods have failed to resolve the discord connection, now try the technical step to resolve this failed connection.

The next method is to disable all the browser extensions as they might cause blocking as it interrupts few aspects of your browsing and hence removes the recently added extensions and see if the issue is solved.

The very next thing you will have to try disabling the standard Of Service on the Discord app. This feature is by default enabled once you have installed the discord. For disabling this you will have to follow these few steps to see if the issue is solved.

  • Firstly, you will have to open the user settings by clicking on the ‘Settings/cog icon.’
  • Next, select the ‘Voice and Video’ option under the App Settings section present on the left side of the screen.
  • Now, scroll down to find the ‘Enable Quality Of Service High Packet Priority’ option and switch it off.
  • Lastly, you will have to restart and relaunch the app and see if you are getting connected to the discord server.

Troubleshoot discord connection failed issue with WebRTC.

You have to undergo and take the test on the website and make sure if everything is correct or not. This troubleshoots will allow you to know if your webcam and microphone are having any problem. This online tool clears all the issues and the advantage of this online tool is that any network is using UDP, TCP, or both.

Stuck On The Connecting Or Main Screen


Yes you read this correctly. Just simple restart may solve tons of small problems, and sometimes it also fixes the bigger ones. Its sounds unprofessional but a lot of time we see this in practically, and it works.

Set Date/Time Automatically

If restarting didn’t work for you, then you’ll check if the date/time on your PC is ready automatically or not. that’s because if you modify the date/time on your system manually, then Discord has trouble recognizing it. And this was the reason cause Discord getting stuck on the most screen.

Check Firewall Settings

Now, this is often something really important. If Discord isn’t opening on your PC, check your firewall. It creates a lot of problems due to completely different structure and required some experience to handle the setting part. Wrong setting in firewall will never solve the problem. So make sure Setting aren’t allowing it to open

Uncheck The Proxies

If none of the above options worked for you, then you’ll try one last item. hence remove all the proxies you have been using and try reconnecting it again. For doing the above you will have to follow the below steps as given and see if the issue is resolved.
Note: The steps are the identical for Windows 7, 8 and 10. So you’ll follow them on any of the platforms.

  1. Attend the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ within the control panel.
  2. Next, click on the ‘Internet Options’ in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Within Internet properties, attend ‘Connections’ tab.
  4. Now, open the LAN properties by clicking on the ‘LAN settings’ option.
  5. Finally, uncheck the proxy server box if you have got it enabled and so click on OK.
  6. Now restart the system to see if this issue has been resolved.

Remember for Mac, you have got to go to System Preferences, and then you will have to choose the Network option from the tab. After that, you will have to select the Advanced option. Lastly, choose Proxies to disable the proxies button. This removes all the proxies from your Mac operating system. Restart for once and see if the discord connection issue is been resolved

So, these were the steps regarding the discord connection error in getting connected to the start screen and discord connection error in voice channel connection.

In the worst case, if the above troubleshoot method doesn’t work then you will need to contact the support team of discord who can resolve your connection issue. For taking their support you will have to submit two things along with your ticket given by them.

One of the two things to be submitted is a screenshot of your console for which you should ensure that you have joined the voice channel or voice call where you have got the error. After you have found the error press Ctrl, Shift and I together to bring up your developer tools and then choose the console tab.

The second thing is also a screenshot but of the test that you have performed on the official website.

Sometimes waiting also solves the issue as there can be an error from their side is also possible but which is very rare like if the call is stuck in the Perma –waiting room. If too much time has passed then try reaching them through the support center.

Sometimes prevention is better and waiting for the issue to be solved. The tip to a permanent solution is to install antivirus software to prevent any malware intervention to stop the usage of discord by making the internet speed low and causing connectivity issues.

Antivirus software can scan your system and remove such blockage from your system. Another feature is sometimes your software may interfere with the bandwidth or certain sites which ultimately slow down the internet connection.

These are the solutions that will solve the discord connection issue and help you continue using the three voice, video, and chat room services continuously.