How to fix DirecTV error code-775 at home.


What happens, when you are watching your favorite movies and you find some error-code 775 on your TV screen on the DirecTV channel.

DirecTV’s channels are 99% reliable to watch but sometimes 1% of you find some issues and errors code 775 on DirecTV channel, Error -code 775 might be happening due to some technical error like an issue with satellite dish, plugging issue, weather problem, receiver connection issue, and so on, etc.

Well in this article we will explain to you about error-code 775 and when you find these error-codes 775 on your DirecTV screen while watching movies for any reason, then how to fix them without any help of technicians at home.

What is mean by DirectTV error-code 775?

DirectTV error-code 775 indicates When your receiver loses connection with the satellite dish, error code 775 shows. As a result, your television signal gets affected. 


Why did this DirecTV Error-code 775 happen?


There are several reasons that can happen, error-code 775 means the loose connection between the DirecTV and satellite dish or a power supplier, also the satellite dish has connectivity issues with power swim and your receiver.

Also, if you are living place like where Strome and rain come at that time, Then you can find a single issue with your DirecTV.

So there are different solutions, that you can fix your DirecTV error 775 at home without any help which you are founding on your screen, so just follow the below instruction.

  1. Check Loose Cable connection

The first step you need to do you have to check the loose cable connection of your DirecTV, so check all connections which are properly connected or not with your cable.

Every TV is mostly connected with a secure cable connection line. If you find a loose cable connection then fix it.

  • Check the receiver

Another reason for finding error – Code 775 on your DirecTV, it might be happening due to a loose wire connection with the receiver cable of your DirecTV.


So where you receive the power supply from your receiver, If any issue finding then checks the receiver cable if any loose connection then fixes it with your receiver. 

  • Check to the swim power inserter

 DirecTV applied settings to this receiver when they set up your service. DTV chose such parameters based on the satellite dish’s area and was able to link to it. When you couldn’t able find any errors with your SWIM device, then follow the below instruction for fixing the SMIM device issue with your DirecTV.

Green Light / Blinking Green Light – Swim is powered by a solid green LED.

Let’s have a look at your other links:

Make sure the Swim’s cables are secure and tight. Verify that the cables are in good condition and free of visible damage. Do you require a replacement cable? Get in touch with DirecTV.

Check DIRECTV to see whether the problem has been resolved, The Swim device should be restarted. Your problem may be resolved by restarting your Swim device.

Here’s how to check it:

Remove the power cable from the Swim, wait 20 seconds before plugging it in again. Swim There is no green light. Check the Swim’s power.

The Swim appears to be turned off. Let’s troubleshoot to see if it’s the Swim or the power that’s the issue.

  • Check remote and push to reset

There is another reason you can see with your DirecTV channel, this will be channel errors, sometimes we click the wrong button of remote and at times our TV shows the channel errors, so, fix the remote setting and do push to reset setting on your remote setting.

Check the weather

Weather can play a vital role in error on your DirecTV channels, this kind of issue happens due to heavy rain outside, For this reason, your satellite will not able to connect with your receiver.

In this situation, you have to wait for the rain to stop. Once the rain stops then open the TV and try to restart.

  • Contact customer service- You try your best still you are facing error code -755 issue with your DirecTV channel then simply call the customer service team or technicians


If you are finding any kind of code-error 755 on your DirecTV screen, Then follow the simple above steps, later on, you can get easy access to your TV channel;