How to Fix Airprint Not Working?

Before moving on to the current topic of this article that is fixing the AirPrint not working issue, we will first discuss what actually the AirPrint is. So, AirPrint enables the user to print high-quality documents without making the use of any additional drivers. It does not make the use of wired connections or in simple meaning that is it can also be used on wireless connectivity. Users need to connect their device as well as the printer with the common Wi-Fi network. Also, we will deal with the issues like no printer found or AirPrint is showing the offline issues even though if it is connected with the common Wi-Fi.

airprint not working

Method 1: To Fix AirPrint not Working on Apple Device

  • Firstly, go for checking that your printer is supporting AirPrint which must be indicated in manufacturers’ information.
  • Get connected to an interrupted wifi connection by entering the password in the wifi wizard displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure that you enable the Bonjour setting on the printer. If that setting is disabled, you cannot print via Apple AirPrint.
  • Also, make sure that your router support Bonjour packets
  • Do make sure that all your computer or other systems, and the printer are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Turn OFF Airplane Mode and turn the Bluetooth ON.
  • Update your DNS settings to and (Google’s Public DNS) or another public DNS
  • And finally, after disabling the firewall from the printing, it should work well.

Check the airprint is working now or not? Still, airprint not working then you need to follow the next method.

Call 1-888-272-9xxx to get help

Method 2: Checking the Printer’s Configuration

It is also the mandatory step to check for the printer’s configuration. And you need to be sure if your printer is listed at Apple’s AirPrint support printers.

Method 3. Check the Printer is Connected to the Network.

There are countless if networks that surround us. It is one of the possibilities that your Printer is connected with some other wifi network. You need to check if both your printer and device are connected to the same network.

So, here are the steps to check the connectivity of your printer:

  • The very first step is to Print the network configuration report using the given path which would help to print the network configuration report of the printer:

Settings>>>All Settings>>> Print Reports>>> Network Configuration>>> OK.

  • Then the next step is to search for the network name from the printed list. The network name would be given as <NAME SSID
  • Comparing the network name from the printed list of network configuration report and the SSID of the wireless network, your device connected with. If both the SSIDs are different, connect your printer with a similar SSID.

Check the airprint is working now or not? Still, airprint not working then you need to follow the next method.

Method 4. By checking the Router Settings

In order to prevent multiple connectivities of users, sometimes routers are being limited to certain connections. This may also lead our device to show No AirPrint Printers found error because your router blocks the connectivity for printing. You can also change your router settings to unblock your printer

Call 1-888-272-9xxx

Method 5. Restart Network and Printer

If anything doesn’t work then this the last possible step. In this, we have to disconnect the printer from the router and the device or computer to which is connected. Then turn off your router and restart it. Connect your device with the network keeping the SSID of the router in mind. And finally, connect your Printer with the same SSID or network and wait for a few seconds so that the connection gets set up. Try to print from the device using AirPrint.

Check the airprint is working now or not? Still, airprint not working then you need to contact apple airprint customer service. The team of technicians will help you to fix the issue instantly.

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