How to Find the Ideal Location for Photoshoots

The location is an important element of a great photoshoot and gives a special story to a photo. It can be inside a building or on the top of a hill. Wherever it is, the ideal location should bring out the best in the photographer and the subject. 

Finding the ideal photoshoot locations takes a lot of time and thinking. However, if you know to follow the tips here, you’ll be able to do it more easily. 

Create a Moodboard 

A photoshoot mood board is a collage of text or pictures that is used as a virtual representation of a photoshoot concept or theme. It is an effective tool for seeing a clear picture of what you want to have in your photoshoot. Photographers put together different pictures of locations and combine them to create a cohesive photoshoot plan or You can be inspired by marvel characters symbols and read more about it

An easy way to create a mood board is by having a set theme. The theme sets the mood of the whole photography session, including the location. Also, it is easier to scout locations when you already have an idea. 

 Here are some examples of photoshoot themes to start a mood board: 

  • Landscape
  • Vintage
  • Fashion
  • Children
  • Wedding 
  • Portrait 
  • Food 

Generally, the idea is to find places that will highlight each theme. For instance, a perfect place for a prenup video is somewhere open and clear, like a park or a mountain top. At the same time, a vintage-theme photoshoot should be located in an ancient building or abandoned house. 

Use Apps or Websites 

Now that you have a clear vision of what your photoshoot will look like, it’s time to search for locations. With the help of the Internet, doing this is a lot easier. Here are the best apps and websites to try: 

1. Google Earth – has a wide location database that shows you a 3D view mode of different places. It also gives you an idea of the elevation of a place. Not only that, but it has a feature called Street View, where you can see a location at ground level. 

2. A Perfect Space – is another great search engine for locations. It is an expert website to locate great places for photography, films, and events. You can easily find locations by area, region, and type of space. If you lack inspiration for your photo shoot, you can use their “inspiration” page to check other perfect spaces. 

3. Instagram – By far, Instagram is always on the list for scouting ideal photoshoot locations. When getting ideas, you can use its search function to see where people take photos for a specific theme. Additionally, you can also look for other angles and shots of your desired location through the search feature.  

Source it From the Locals 

If you need to save time, you can directly ask your local photographers about good locations to try. They may be willing to share a secret photoshoot spot. Aside from that, there are a lot of Facebook groups and Reddit threads you can join to source ideal locations for photoshoots. 

Attending photography seminars might help you too. It is an amazing chance to meet with local photographers to have easy access to their favorite photoshoot location spots. 

Survey the Location

The final step is to get to the location and see it personally. There may be changes in a place that is not updated online. So, it’s best to check the location yourself before the day of the photoshoot. 

What Makes A Good Location For Photoshoots? 

Locations are a dealbreaker in photography, so they must be special yet practical. Here are some things you must remember when finding a good location for a photoshoot. 

1. A Unique Story – Every place is unique, but it becomes extra special with its story. An ideal location should be connected to the subject of the picture. For example, if you are taking a picture of children, find a place where they feel most happy. It can be at a playground, the beach, or the school. 

2. Natural Light – The more natural the light source is, the more authentic pictures it creates. However, the sun creates different shades of light throughout the day. Professional photographers avoid taking photos at midday because the sun creates a harsh shadow in their photos. Instead, they find locations and set times where there is a lot of softer light.  

3. A Backup Shelter – An ideal location should have a place for you to stay. It is your plan B if the weather turns bad or something unexpected happens. Generally, some examples of shelters you may want to look out for are our bridges, cafe, or even a big tree to give you shade. 

4. Environment – It’s advisable to choose a location somewhere quiet. For example, a photo shoot in the middle of a city road is much harder than in an apartment unit. Also, a quieter location makes you feel more relaxed and focused on the shoot. 

Additional Tips

Now that you know how to find the ideal photoshoot location, here are some tips to improve your photos! 

Consider the Angle Possibilities 

An ideal photoshoot location gives you different angles to work on. Utilize all possible backdrops in your chosen spot. Anyway, it’s better to have options to choose from at the end of the day. 

Outdoor Photoshoot Tricks

Taking pictures indoors and outdoors are different things. Indoor photoshoots can be easily controlled compared to outdoors. Here are some tricks you can try: 

  • Take photos during the “Magic Hour”
  • Play with the view
  • Capture nature moments
  •  Bring your tripod
  • Setup your camera to its outdoor settings

Find the Photoshoot Location for You

Great pictures are created with the perfect photoshoot location. Whether you choose to do it in your house or outside at the park, what’s important is you take photos with a story. You must make sure that every photo element, including the background, tells a unique story that will make your photo unforgettable.