How to edit video on android and iphone – Kinemaster

KineMaster is a complete video making and editing software package designed for Android and iOS devices.

It is an application that is fully packed with features to makeup for all your editing needs. Being a mobile application with the limitations of the system and size of the application, Kinemaster does an excellent job in delivering precise trimming and cutting of audio, text, images, video, and effects.

KineMaster enables users to create enticing and expert-level movies by having unprecedented control over your video creations by various tools in Kinemaster.

Kinemaster is popular because of its easy to use and learn user-friendly interface and tools.

You can easily transform your videos with the help of video effects and transitions with great quality and precision and take your videos to a whole new level.

  • KineMaster offers limitless possibilities on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and many more.

You can directly share your work on social media from kinemaster.

  • You can use KineMaster to edit your videos, add effects and formatting to make them more pleasing to watch and share them with This is a very easy-to-use app with plenty of features for amateurs or professionals.
  • Most of the tools in kinemaster are available for free with an option of professional grade tools with the premium upgrade.With the pro version, you can also remove the ads and the Made with Kinemaster watermark from your videos.
  • This full fledged application enables you to put together multiple video layers, stickers, images, text, special effects, and handwriting to bring your imaginations to life.
  • You can make your content look more pleasing to watch by color adjustment tools to enhance the images and videos.
  • Voiceovers, voice changers, other audio-video effects and background music can also be added to make videos look more professional.
  • It also have tools to make cinematic videos by applying professional settings and presets like slow-mo effects and speed control for time-lapse. It doesn’t end here as you can make more impressive audio quality by ducking, EQ presets, and volume envelope tools.
  • Kinemaster can export videos in 4K at 30fps which is a very quality even to watch on a PC.
  • It has a lot of professional tools which can be used by journalists, marketers, bloggers, influencers, and youtubers etc.

Features of Kinemaster

Speed Control




Multiple Layers



Audio Filters

Frame-by-Frame Trimming

Volume Envelope


Instant Preview

Transition Effects

Real-Time Recording

Animation Styles

Social Media sharing

Plans and Pricing

Kinemaster have a free version and a premium upgrade

Kinemaster pricing

Monthly Subscription = $4.99

Annual Subscription = $39.99

The Editing Interface of Kinemaster

The editing interface of Kinemaster is very simple and easy to understand.

Let’s take a deeper look at the controls of the application.


Control Bar : On the left side of the application interface , there is a control bar to navigate actions.

There are undo and redo button on top.

Below undo and redo button, there is a capture button to add image to your project with device camera at the time of editing and project settings option below it to adjust audio-video adjustments.

After that there is a button to view time in a expanded view.

The Video Window : This is the center window where you can preview your video and the applied effects.

The video windows moves over to left side of screen when you press timeline view in control bar.

Media Circle : The media circle gives you the full media control to add new media, music, effects and layers.

The red circle inside the media circle is a capture button to capture audio and video to make voiceover videos and tutorial videos.

Advanced Settings. After selecting a video or audio clip, the advanced editing tools appear in place of the media circle.


Timeline : There is a timeline at the bottom of the screen where you can organize video and audio layers with effects, titles b-roll clips and audio tracks.

When you click on timeline button from control bar, the timeline will expand  and you can edit the starting and ending of the layers.

The first and topmost layer is the main clip layer. The clips in this layer are always adjacent to each other.

Assets Marketplace : Inside the asset store, you’ll find lots of effects, transitions, and title slides. It is only available to premium users of Kinemaster who have subscription.

If you’re using free version these effects can be used by paying cost per effect.

Export and Share:  When you’re done with the formatting, editing, adjusting audio-video and adding additional effects, it is time to export the video to share it on social media or video sharing platforms.

It will take some time to render and export the video.

The time taken in exporting a video depends upon its length and quality.

Chrome OS Hotkeys : If you use Chromebook then this app has Chrome OS Hotkey capabilities. To learn all the hotkeys you can check the documentation on the Kinemaster website.

Key Benefits of Kinemaster

The main benefits of KineMaster are its rich feature set, ease of use, and flexibility.  Here are the benefits in detail.

Real-Time Recording

Real-time audio and video recording can be done with Kinemaster.

You can change the video in an instant without the need to complete the recording process. With Kinemaster multiple audio layers can be added realtime.

Easy and Flexible Adjustment Tools

Kinemaster also enables users make easy and flexible adjustments to the saturation, brightness, and colors of the video. You can create, fix, and modify the atmosphere in your video.

Multi-Layered Videos

KineMaster application has endless possibilities of video editing in a small package because it supports a bunch of features that enables the addition of laters of images, videos, texts, audios, writings, drawings and more.

Social Media Integrations

KineMaster is a viable application if you want to share your project with social media as it can directly share content to social media.

It is designed for everyone including, advertisers, influencers, professionals.

Plus, your videos can reach your target audience in real-time very quick with the shortcuts.

User-Friendly Mobile Video Editor

If you’re an Android or iOS user, or want to edit your videos without the knowledge of video editing, KineMaster is your on-the-go video editor.

It gives access to multiple tools for creating superb and pro-level videos.

While other video editing applications are limited to laptop and desktop computers, KineMaster is created for mobile devices that make editing less stressful.

How to use Kinemaster on PC

Here’s how you can download and use Kinemaster on PC

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks or any other android emulator on your PC

Step 2: After opening the emulator, login to your google account to access the Play Store.

Step 3: Search “Kinemaster” in the search bar at the top right corner.

Step 4: then click to install KineMaster from the search results

Step 5: Click the KineMaster icon on the home screen of the emulator to run Kinemaster.