How to Determine Whether or Not Your SEO is Working

SEOSEO may be one of the most confusing online marketing fields to get involved in.  At the beginning stages of growing an online presence, it is difficult to gauge whether or not you’re doing everything “right.” Lots of marketers are doing SEO, but how do you tell if you’re gaining any traction? Here are some ideas on what you need to focus upon to make sure that SEO efforts are hitting the mark.

Track Your Keyword Rankings

In order to track the progress of your SEO campaign, you have to know what search terms are driving traffic to your site. You need to track keyword rankings to monitor your SEO campaign progress to gauge results. Not only will this help you determine whether or not your SEO strategy is producing results, but it will also tell you if there are any specific areas of improvement that need addressing

Check Rankings Using an Alternative Search Engine

When it comes to ranking high on the major search engines like Google and Bing, these sites are still the top priority. However, using an alternative or micro-search engine may be able to help you gauge just how well your site is doing in relation to other competitors along with learning what keywords they’re targeted at. While this won’t give you exact numbers, it will give you valuable insight into how much work needs to be done as far as keyword targeting and content creation go.

Ask Others About Your Results

The best way to keep track of all these metrics? Ask someone else about them! Asking someone else can help you stay accountable for your SEO efforts and give you an added boost of motivation for continuing them. While talking about SEO with someone else may not be the most enjoyable conversation, it is one that will prove very helpful if done on a regular basis.

Track Conversions

Look at the number of returning visitors. Check out which of your posts are regularly visited by readers and where they come from. If you’re trying to drive sales, then it goes without saying that you want to track conversions through your site – whether these be actual sales or just leads from contact forms or other newsletter signup options. If you’re not tracking conversions and monitoring your bounce rates, then how will you know if any changes made in the name of SEO are actually leading anywhere? Keep up with your analytics and make sure they stay consistent over time.  Is there a core group who always shows up, or is there just an occasional visitor here and there?

Be sure to check out comments and share buttons when looking at this information as well. The idea is to see how many new people are coming into the site compared to those who have been there before. An increase in returning visitors means that people are interested enough to come back frequently and read more posts

Use Social Media to Gauge SuccessSocial Media

Social Media can also be used internally to gauge how your SEO is working. All it takes is a quick Google search of “social media dashboards” and you’ll be surprised at the results. Social media dashboards are useful tools for tracking metrics such as shares, retweets, comments, and likes on all of your social media posts. This allows you to track which blog posts were most popular among readers and users alike and gives you another way to see if changes you made in the name of SEO are paying off.

Get Help from an Expert

An expert may not be necessary when it comes to just figuring out what SEO is or how it works, but hiring someone who has experience with online marketing can prove useful in determining whether or not your SEO is working. An expert will be able to look at your site and give you a much more concrete answer on the success or failure of your efforts.

In conclusion, if you want to determine whether or not your SEO is working for your website, there are many different metrics to use in order to gauge results. These include keyword rankings, conversions, and social media shares. It also includes using an alternative search engine instead of relying solely on Google and Bing searches as well as asking others about their thoughts on the topic. Most importantly, remember that it is very important to keep track of these numbers consistently throughout all areas of your business effort – not just when they seem most relevant. This way you can see how well-rounded your SEO campaign is and how well it is actually working.