How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi?

How to connect HP Printer with wi-fi

Hp printer is the best available printing machine available in the market. These are a trustworthy and reliable printing machine. If you have bought a new hp printer and unable to connect the printer to wifi, then you are the right place. In this article, you will how to connect hp printer to wifi without any hassle. Follow the step by step procedure to connect hp printer with WiFi.

Ways to Connect HP Printer to WIFI:

Use of wireless things is increasing day by days, Like you are now using laptops instead of desktop or you are now using a smartphone on the place of landline phones. Similarly printing technology also changing according to the trend. Some years before you need to connect the printer with a computer or laptop to give the print command. But, now printer technology changed and adopt the wireless system.

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You can connect hp printer to wifi, so you can give print command anywhere in the home or by any device just like a desktop, laptop, phone, or iPads. Just need to connect both the devices with the same wireless network.

Let’s start the ways to connect a printer to wifi, you just need to follow the procedure step by step.

Follow the method to connect hp printer with wifi

Method 1: HP Printer Auto Wireless Connect

It is the inbuilt technology of your computer or printer. That connect your printer and system without any wire or cable. So, you don’t need to enter the password manually.

It is the installation process that begins when you connect the printer to the desktop. It starts setup itself and connects the printer to the computer instantly.

You just need to select “Send and Store my wireless setting on printer”. After that, you are ready to start printing by hp printer.

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Method 2: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

There are 2 methods available to connect hp printer to wifi. One is Push button mode and other is PIN mode.

WPS Push Button Methods: –

First of all, check the printer and router both have WPS Push Button.

Open Wifi settings on Printer using wireless settings menu. Press on WiFi protected Setup and click on Push Button and press start.

Now, press the push button on the wifi router and wait for some minutes until the printer and router get connected. You will see the signal when the printer successfully connected with the router.

You are ready now to give print command.

How to connect HP Printer with wi-fi


You can also connect a printer to wifi suing PIN Mode. In most of the router, PUSH button is not available then you can connect printing using PIN Mode.

In Wifi Protected Steup Select the PIN Mode and enter 8 digit wifi password to connect a printer to the wireless network.

The printer will provide a PIN code for a test print. Enter the pin to the router.

Contact HP Printer Expert:

If you followed all the steps and you are unable to connect hp printer to wifi, then you are at right place. You need to contact hp printer expert technician, who will fix the hp printer problem for you. HP Printer Support technician is an expert and solves the issue with the best possible solution. Just call on HP Printer tech support phone number 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free.

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