How to cheat in Kahoot?


Kahoot is a learning platform designed for schools and other educational institutions that use games to facilitate learning. Users can access Kahoot’s learning games via the kahoot app or through a web browser.

Would you like to create your own awesome kahoot game?

Step 1) First you have to create a user profile.

Step 2) Create your own content securely by signing into your account on any device with or iOS/ Android mobile app.

What kind of use would you like to make of Kahoot?

Step 3) Taking this step ensures that your experience with kahoot is tailored to your specific requirements.


STEP 4) Fill out the required fields for your profession, and choose username.


STEP 5) Sign Up

Your account creation process begins here. Once your account has been created, you will sign in here.


Hurrah, the account has been created.


In games, tests, and competitive sporting events, everyone wants to succeed and do well. Sometimes, however, this winning-at-all-costs mentality can lead to cheating and hacking. As well, students score well with Kahoot if they use a Kahoot hack. Through such hacks, students or players can discover answers and increase their grades by any means necessary.

Some hacking methods of Kahoot include spamming bots, bypassing usernames, creating ghost players, and auto-answering. Despite the fact that a vast number of exploits are available over the internet after a simple Google search, these hacks are not guaranteed to provide a satisfactory result.

Let’s see how it works!

  1. You may select any quiz you wish to take. Click Start.Screenshot (348).png
  2. A new tab will be open. Choose, in which mode you want to play.

You can choose Classic mode if you have a 1:1 class, or you can choose Team mode if you want students to play in teams on the same device.

  • You can view the correct answers by copying the GAME PIN and opening in a new tab.Screenshot (353).png
  • Please paste your GAME PIN into the box and click Enter. Select a nick name according to your preference, and click Ok, go!

On the previous tab you will be able to clearly see the correct answers of this quiz.


Now click on start.

  • Please click on the correct answer, and do the same for all questions.

Yes, it’s done!


With Hack Kahoot Auto Answer, students can find answers to quizzes and tests more efficiently. It is a multi-functional extension for Chrome built for Kahoot. Correct answers are automatically fetched by the extension.

The Hack Kahoot Auto Answer can automatically provide the correct answers to Kahoot questions and you might wonder how?

Let’s begin!

  1. Select any quiz you wish to take. And Copy the GAME PIN.
  2. Open in the new tab.
  3. Choose Kahoot
  • Paste the GAME PIN
  • Click on Auto Answer.
  • Copy the code. And go to the previous tab.
  • Using the left key, select inspect, paste the code into the console and hit enter.Screenshot (368).png
  • Go to the previous tab. As here you can see the correct answer is showing automatically.
  • You need to click on the correct answer, and then do the same for all questions.


In order to send bots to Kahoot games, you can make use of a number of tools. Almost any game or session can be played online using bots.


In kahoot games, a kahoot Bot is a flash-based tool that students can use to send artificial bots to flood the online game. We believe that this bot is the most sophisticated tool available on the web. This bot is equipped with many features and can easily flood game sessions.

A random bot sets up multiple accounts on the website to confuse the teacher. Additionally, these bots provide multiple answers to questions on the quiz.  You can use this tool to spam the Kahoot class in order to cause problems for all genuine players.

Step 1 Click

Step 2 Login and paste here the GAME PIN. Press enter. Then, give a username. Click Ok, go!

Step 3 Click on Access Hack

Step 4 Add the extension to your browser. Read and accept the terms.

Step 5 Come back on the pervious tab. Paste the GAME PIN. Do not forget to Click Set Game ID.

Step 6 Provide any name for the BOT and Click ADD BOT.

Provide the name for Flood Bots and Set the amount of BOT required. Click Flood Bots.

Below you can see the BOT has been added.


Kahoot Winner is nothing but a bot or hack that helps users to answer all quizzes and puzzles featured on Kahoot. Another name for it is “Kahoot auto answer bot”. Kahoot Winner uses a Leaderboard to showcase each user’s performance, which is why most users choose it.

Students use Kahoot auto answer bots like Kahoot Winner to improve their score or points on Kahoot Leaderboard. Regardless of whether you use it or not, you should be aware of what this bot is all about.

Kahoot Winner will assist you in answering all quiz questions and solving all puzzles you may encounter. So, its name comes from its ability to help you win most games.

In addition to Auto Answer, you can modify the number of points per question, fail on purpose, and preview questions.

Do you think it is safe?

Absolutely safe, you have nothing to worry about. You should not use this tool to keep your peers from learning; it is for fun. Have fun with it, and then stop it to focus on the quiz.

Using Kahoot to annoy teachers and mates has become a popular game. Kahoot hacks have made this possible. I strongly recommend that all teachers ensure their students do not use these cheats, extensions, and scripts. Moreover, if you’re a student, I strongly urge you not to cheat on your tests.

Testing is used to assess your knowledge, which contributes to your development. Stay honest to ensure your development and that’s all for this post, I hope you found it useful.