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How to change ink in the canon Pixma printer

Let us start off by changing the ink cartridges on the printer. To do so follow the procedure. every inkjet printer is a little different, they all follow the same basic steps. Follow the steps given below to change ink cartridge on the Canon Pixma Printer.

Steps to change ink in the Canon Pixma Printer?

Call 1-888-272-9xxx Canon Support

And now, close the lid. And you are done with this.

Now let us see:

Change ink in the Canon Pixma printer

This is very simple and easy. But need to know how to manage if there is a problem. Here are some tips :

Tips While changing ink in the canon Pixma printer

Call 1-888-272-9xxx Canon Printer Support

  1. If you can’t find the model name and details check on the documentation that came with the printer or call customer care and your printer details.
  2. Do not pull the print head out of its housing. It should move out automatically, either when the lid is opened or a button is pressed. As this might damage the printer.
  3. Make sure you get cartridges from the correct manufacturer. They are not compatible with different brands, and often within the same brand. Some cartridges have clips that can be pressed in to release them from the ink tray.
  4. Be sure of the way to remove it. Pull it at an angle away from point of attachment and it might cause damage and we can’t keep back properly.
  5. Do not remove your cartridges unless you have replacements ready. Leaving a print head empty for too long can dry it out, making it unusable. Even dust can enter and heat the printer.
  6. Always print a test page after inserting the ink cartridges so that ink followed can be checked and corrected before you print your real document as it is sometimes seen to get a print of heavy ink in starting and slowly to normal thickness.

If the above case is pertaining then check the configuration of the printer. Here all about the changing of ink cartridges in a printer.

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