How to Be Ranked Better in Video Games You Play

Gaming RemoteAmidst popular opinion on video games being an addictive source of entertainment and distraction, gaming is one activity that has a generous amount of benefits. One of which is an improvement in one’s cognitive skills in not just children but also adults. The gaming world has seen tremendous growth and its benefits supersede its pitfalls.

From being a good source of improved coordination to memory enhancement, improved attention span, better concentration, being able to multitask,  increased brain speed, to even a healthier social skill.

It is also pertinent to note that not all games offer the aforementioned benefits.

Some games are more obnoxious than others and are not age-appropriate for younger gamers. Even for adult gamers, some games are to be indulged in moderation.

With playing video games comes the need to be better at it. This is a demeanor that accompanies being a game player – competitiveness. A lot of players get overwhelmed and start screaming “I want cheats”, but you can stay the course and succeed! You can either play solo with the game’s software or with two or more people. Now, more people make money from playing video games.

Be it live streaming, just playing for fun, content creation, organizing tournaments, developing games, reviewing games, or creating online courses. All these need you to be a good video game player for you to be considered some form of authority.

The idea of a winner at the end of a game spikes off healthy competition. Now with the advent of social media and opportunities to play with different winners from various parts of the world, the need to be ranked highest is the goal of most video game players.Gadgets

Here you are going to be taken through some gaming tips that can help you get ranked top place. They are:

  1. Practice

In eSports, just like other sports, one must practice continually in order to get better at it. Just like any other Life’s venture to be seen or recognized as a big player in any field, one must have the wealth of experience that only pays from constant practice.

  1. Do not give up

It is understandable to feel like caving in when it comes to video games. Especially when a set goal is not met time and time again. If you can push past every failure or setback, you will find out that you were closer to your goals than you thought.  

  1. Develop versatility

Being a video gamer entails that you must be able to adapt to different approaches as the need arises. You can not afford to have a stereotyped approach towards the games you play. This sets you apart and makes you eligible for the next point.

  1. Be proactive

The only way you can be proactive is by seeking new and better ways to win a particular game. This not only entails developing versatility or being adaptable, but this also calls for your ability to tow in the path that sharpens your skills, positions you in the line you want to be respected in, seeks veterans in your field to aid your growth and mastery.

  1. Have Fun

They say the best way to achieve great results is to do that which you are passionate about in the most fun way. Video gamers all over the world tend to be some of the most passionate set of people you will ever come across. Their passion drives their need to be better at what they do. This passion can spiral into greatness if the aim games were created from the outset is held to heart – to have fun. Fun as trivial as it may sound is the best way to achieve so much without even trying.

  1. Be in Control of Self

Unfortunately, our passion can get us in our feelings more than we want it to. It is common to see certain video gamers sad or getting depressed over some setback. This is because they get really emotionally invested. Not to say that this is a wrong thing to do, but it is advised that you stay in control of your emotions if you want to be among the ranked players. Know when to take a good beating in good fate and keep it moving. As they say, better days ahead.

  1. Be Committed to Your Growth

Thankfully in our days, there are online courses that you can take to be a superb video player. Whether you play in virtual tournaments, normals, local games, traditional solo queue, LAN, or squads you can take these courses to learn better strategies et al.

Another way that your growth can be achieved is when you take heed from the players before you. Watch replays, review their engagements and strategies, look up what makes them tick, then modify to suit your personality. By this, you sure will grow to get better rankings.

  1. Play in Tournaments or Teams

The idea of this alone is one of the joys video games bring. To play with millions of people from around the world. Learning from them, while you get a chance to strut your stuff is a very rewarding experience. So do you want to get ranked among the “one percent” of video gamers, then engage in online tournaments and watch your skills soar

Hopefully, this helps get you in perspective as to how you can be ranked better in the video games you play. See you at the top.